Sunday, July 06, 2008

How to be lazy and busy at the same time

That title pretty much sums up the theme of this post. It might sound weird - and probably does - but that's the kind of weekend I've had.

Warning: Food mentioned several times in this post.

So... Let me tell you about my lazy but busy weekend.

Friday night, after I finished my blog post, I had my pizza (a bacon, mushroom and onion pizza) and went and listened to the rest of "Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix" before eating my jam and cream scones. After that, I went to bed.

I didn't sleep too badly. Nowhere near as good as Thursday night, but definately better than most nights.

There was an awesome storm Friday night (well, actually, it was VERY early Saturday morning) and it carried on until well past sunrise. After that it eased off, but it still kept raining all day yesterday (Saturday).

This was Mam's weekend up, so Kelly was with my Dad for the weekend. Because of the weather my Dad brought Mam here and picked Kelly up late morning ish.

Mam made us (me and herself) an egg and bacon roll for lunch yesterday. It was very tasty! And after the roll we sat and ate some pink waffer biscuits I'd gotten in the shopping on Friday that both Mam and I are very fond of.

While we were eating the biscuits, we watched some TV. Mam wanted to watch the "Home And Away" omnibus (I wasn't bothered myself, but I said she could if she wanted to) and then she wanted to watch some more of my "Full House" DVDs. Good thing I don't mind watching that show over, and over, and over again, eh? LOL! Anyway, I figured that while Mam was watching TV would be a good time for us to label the rest of the CDs since she could just quickly tell me the details of the CD then go right back to her show while I made the label for it. So that's what we did.

We stopped for dinner some time around 5:00 pm ish. We had crispy duck pancakes. The shop brought ones aren't as good as in the Chinese resteraunt we like, but they're still pretty good. And at some point in the evening we stopped for a rhubarb yoghurt each too. Also very tasty!

Anyway... To cut a long story short... We never got to bed until close to 1:00 am this morning. The good thing is though that we managed to get ALL of my CDs labeled!!

Neither of us slept very long though. we both fell asleep pretty quickly, but I was up by 6:30 am, and Mam woke about 7:15 am. Not too bad for how we've both been sleeping lately.

Today (Sunday) Mam cooked a roast chicken dinner for us all ("us all" means Mam, Dad, Nan, Wayne, Willow, Kelly, Kero and myself). It was really nice. We had some pudding this week too... Strawberry cheescake. I don't think I need to tell you that I enjoyed that. :)

There was enough left over (dinner and cheesecake) for Kelly and I to have tomorrow, so I'm really looking forward to that. :)


I put away all the CDs today. I'm very pleased they're all labeled and put away now. It's nice knowing they're done and that I can find any CD I want to now. :)

We're planning on labeling the herbs and spices jars in my spice rack, and the pots I store herbal tea in (I might have already told you that). We did get a couple of them done today, but we ran out of time before dinner, and after dinner we got side-tracked playing scrabble (I won the game by the way, but only just).

There you go. That's how to be lazy and busy at the same time. LOL! We may have spent the whole weekend watching TV shows and - in the case of this afternoon - playing board games, but we still managed to get the last of the CDs labeled. :)

OK... Well... I've got some things I need to do, so I'll let this do for now and will check your blogs later or tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing OK... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)



Intense Guy said...

Wowsers that is a real banquet of treats!

I'm glad you got all the CDs labelled. That was a big job.

AliceKay said...

The food sounded great. So many different things to eat and enjoy. And I'm glad you finished labeling those cds, too. One less thing to bother with now.

I've been busy resizing and deleting pics from my computer today. Takes quite some time and it's a bit tiring on the eyes. I took a break to catch up on some blogs I missed yesterday.

Tori_z said...

I'm really glad we've got all the CDs labeled now too. Just a shame my wrist is now killing me! Never mind, at least I wont have to do that much labeling again. Even if everyone gets me something that needs labeling when my birthday and Christmas roll around there wont be that many things to label compared to how many videos, DVDs, CDs and audiobooks I've labeled in the past few months.

LadyStyx said...

*reads the blog in between bites of a snack*

Sounds like a great day.