Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chow-pud (FD)

First of all, I want to point something out...

It's not true that blind people have extraordinarily enhanced other senses.

The simple fact is that when you don't have your sight to rely on you actually pay proper attention to your other senses. Speaking as someone who's been there I know that when you can see you use your sight to verify what you're hearing, smelling, etc. But when you can't see you learn not to second-guess your other senses, and as a result you can pick up things others can't.

Just saying.


Our living room is at the front of this place, our bathroom is at the back. It's not a huge place, but it's big enough that you need to raise your voice in order to be heard from one end of it by someone at the other end of it. Because I'm used to needing to listen for things I tend to hear Kelly easier than he hears me... Usually!

Kelly and Kero were in the living room, and Kero was barking and yipping like a puppy - we later found out the postman was about - and I was in the bathroom running a bath, and I heard Kelly say what sounded to me like, "I think he's having a second chow-pud."

I wont go in to details, but after getting him to repeat it I figured out he'd actually said, "childhood," not "chow-pud," (funnily enough, LOL!)

I guess my muse is back though, because I then started thinking...

What is a chow-pud? Does it even exist? If it does, what would be in it? I guess it would have to involve meat and/or cheese, otherwise Kero wouldn't love it enough for seconds!

Of course, then I started thinking some more...

Kero's often a picky eater, so... What would be so tempting to Kero that he would eat two helpings faster than I could even run a bath?

I think I've got it!

Bacon covered in melted cheese!

What else could it be?

Now only one question remains...

Why did Kero get a cooked breakfast and I only got cold cereal?


AliceKay said...

And the mystery continues....

Intense Guy said...


Being a technical sort of guy that loves the English language (well love-hates would be a better term) I thought it meant Kero was chewing cud like cows - and of course, a dog eats chow... so umm.. (you might want to "look away now) chow-cud would be regurgitated dog chow that is being given a second or more chewing....

But a bacon-cheese sammich sounds much nicer!!

Toriz said...

Indeed it does!


Actually, the bacon with cheese doesn't sound very appealing to me either...

Furry Bottoms said...

Gross to Iggy! melted cheese over bacon would probably drive the dogs crazy although it does not sound very good to me, heehee-- I ought to give it a go for the dogs though. See how they like it.

I was thinking chowder pudding. *bleck*

Rita said...

I used to love bacon cheeseburgers so bacon and cheese had a good ring to it for me--LOL!

Funny how the mind works. :):)

Toriz said...

I bet the dogs will love it; Kero goes nuts for it... But then, he loves anything involving cheese!

Chowder pudding... Well, I guess that might work, depending on what's in it.

Yes, the mind is a strange thing. ;)

I think it might have appealed to me at some point, but these days I'm at a point where thinking about eating meat brings out an, "ewww," reaction in me.

Anonymous said...

I went the same route Intense Guy did, and now I'm gagging. LOL

I'm glad you actually mentioned that, and it's interesting to think that other senses might not be heightened, but more paid attention to when one is missing. It makes me want to try a pair of those deafening headphones or those "blinding" eye covers and see how my other senses react. It'd definitely shed a lot of light! (erm... YKWIM)

Oh, OH! And your "before I turn 30" list!! I can't comment on it for some reason, but I do love your list, and would love to see pictures if you ever get to Stonehenge! And... you know, learn about everything else, too. ;) But that one struck me at how much easier that'll be for you than someone who lives in the states, and I would love to live vicariously through you!

That corgi :) said...

I wouldn't even want to venture what a chow-pud could be! But too funny with trying to figure out what Kelly was saying! I think that is sometimes how rumors get started among people, they don't hear what is said, hear something else instead and then tell that to the next person, etc. (assuming it was in a group of people, not just in one's own home).

Bath sounds heavenly. Haven't had one of those in awhile, but soaking in one sounds really relaxing right about now!


ChicagoLady said...

I was thinking it was some sort of new breed of dog. Chow mixed with whatever the Pud would be. LOL

Serena said...

I was thinking an English Christmas pudding. lol

Brad was born legally blind and, as he was growing up, we always noticed that he used his tall finger to touch and feel things very gently. We learned later from the Blind Association that the tall finger is the most sensitive out of all the fingers. Whether it was instinct or whether Brad discovered it all by himself, we don't know, but we did find it very interesting. You're right, I think blind people do learn to pay closer attention to their other senses. :)

Toriz said...

Yes, you should try the headphones and such.

There's no way to comment on the list on the page, but I posted it in this post actually on my birthday.

Don't worry, there would be plenty of photos from a visit to a place like Stonehenge! And I'd share about the other stuff too, of course! :)

*Nods* Yes, I think so... Kind of reminds me of the Chinese Whispers game we used to play as children and how the whispered phrase was barely recognisable by the time it reached the last person.

I love my baths! :)

LOL! Maybe a Chow x Poodle? *Shrugs*

Actually, Christmas pudding was one of the first things I thought of, but then I remembered that Kero is very picky about bread/cake type of mixtures, and I don't recall him ever eating fruit (unless you count fruit blended with yogurt when he licks out yogurt containers). I wouldn't mind some Christmas pudding though.... LOL!

That's interesting. He most likely figured it out from trial and error; that's how I've figured most things out anyway, and I'm sure that's the case for Carl too.