Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Itchy Kero

Kero won't stop scratching and biting at himself, and he's making himself really sore again. I'm getting flea shampoo and stuff to treat him just to make sure it's not just something as simple as the flea stuff we usually use not being enough right now, but if that doesn't do the trick then we'll have to take him back to the vet. It could be the start of one of the many skin problems Westies are known for; his groomer said she thought so when she came to groom him at the start of December. He's actually done well to get to nine years old without having them. But I want to try some extra flea treatment first. I hate having to take him to the vet, especially with how much he hates it. I don't blame him for hating it though; I'm not a big fan of being pulled about by doctors myself! To be honest, I should have taken him sooner, but I was hoping after we bathed him, and then he had another bath with his groomer, it would stop him biting and scratching at himself, and get rid of his sores. I thought it might have helped; it seemed to at first, but it's not helping enough, so - as I said - I'm going to try some extra flea treatment, and failing that he's going to have to go to the vet.


Intense Guy said...

Does he seem to have fleas? My parent's dog gnaws on her "wrist" and they put cortisone cream on it - that seems to work. Sometimes they just wash the hotspot with salty water (to dry it out).

Poor Kero - ear waggles for the handsome fellow!!

Victoria Zigler said...

We've spotted a couple of fleas on him, which is why I want to try extra flea treatment first.

I gave him his bath and put his usual flea stuff on him today, but can't do the extra stuff until it arrives (it's in the post on the way to us). I was going to wait until the other stuff was here, but I was hoping the bath and his usual stuff would help for now and the other stuff can get any fleas that survived the bath and his usual flea treatment.

Rita said...

If you saw fleas, then he will probably need a couple of flea baths to get rid of them. And they get in the house, too. Does the cat have them, too? Fleas can be just terrible to deal with!!

Victoria Zigler said...

We've got some spray for him and the house now. We've done two treatments and will do another in a couple of days. Hopefully after we've done a few treatments (both for Kero and the house) the fleas will be gone and he'll stop scratching. Of course, it is possible that it's both fleas and skin irritation/allergies of some sort, in which case he'll still be scratching and biting at himself even when we're sure the fleas are gone, and then we'll have to take him to the vet.

And, yes, I'm pretty sure Cara had fleas. I'm guessing the Blue Cross people got rid of them during the time between when we dropped her off and she got listed for adoption though. I'd have thought so anyway.