Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The landlord and the dog

The landlord was back home pretty quickly; we've heard him pottering about up there.

From what I understand, he hit his head as he fell and got a mild concussion, causing temporary confusion and memory loss. But he seems to be fine now.


We're working on clearing out clutter, so we had Music Magpie pick up a box with a couple of old games consoles in on Monday. We'll have a bunch of movies and games for them soon too, but we need some boxes.

Because we did that though, and I didn't want to be in the middle of bathing Kero when they came for the box, I ended up not giving Kero his other bath and flea treatment. Then it didn't get done today because of food shopping. I'm hoping to do it tomorrow. He's not scratching as much as he was before though; still scratches a fair bit, but not as much.

I mean, I could have done him after those things, but the nights are so cold - not as cold as they seem to be in the US and Canada, but still pretty cold - so I don't like the idea of doing him at night in case he's still wet when he has to use the yard and ends up catching a chill from it, and I'm sleeping during the day right now so don't have much day available to me at the moment.


Intense Guy said...


I'm glad the landlord is alright - he seems to be a friendly sort.

And yes, going outside after a shower and being damp isn't a good idea! It is 11 degrees F here today - and the wind - it is blowin'!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes, the landlord is really nice; we got lucky with our landlord. He's friendly to animals and people alike. Whenever Kero sees him and barks he tells us to let him be if we tell him to be quiet, saying Kero just wants to talk to him and should be allowed to do so, and he tells us to feel free to decorate as we like in here and treat the place as we would if we owned it.

I'm not sure what the temperature is here, but I know it's really cold. The degus are burrowing down in piles of hay, and I'm wearing fluffy socks or my dinosaur slippers all the time.