Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014 reading challenge - Love

Here's the details for the reading challenge one of the groups I'm a member of on Goodreads had for February:

"15 Different Kinds of Love: Read as much as you want or can.

Infatuation- loving feelings towards a love object that are largely based upon fantasy and idealization (instead of experience). - 1. Read a book that is in the fantasy genre!

Romantic Love- An abiding love for a partner with whom you feel passion, attraction, caring and respect. - 2. Read any book that is in the romance genre!

Eros Love- a passionate love usually involving sexual feelings for a love interest. - 3. Read a book that you were passionate about - Old Time Favorite.

Companionate Love - feelings of warmth towards a friend with whom you love to spend time - 4. Read a book off one of your friends list.

Unconditional Love - A type of affection and caring that is so strong that you feel it consistently, regardless of what that other person does - 5. Read a book that is written by one your favorite authors.

Conditional Love - A love that requires specific action or conditions in order to be maintained. - 6. Read a book that can be found in the Action/Adventure genre.

Puppy Love - A childish, innocent temporary crush on someone that you don’t know well. - 7. Read a book with an animal or child on the cover.

Maternal Love - This term usually connotes love that is nurturing, accepting and protective. In actuality this love can also be given by a father etc. - 8. Read a book that begins with your mothers name. (example - my moms name is Frances (my pick is Fire Country.)

Paternal Love - This term connotes love that involves guidance and some authority. Paternal love usually prepares a child to be ready for the outside world. Again, in reality this type of love is not gender specific. - 9. Read a book that is in the New Adult Genre (ie coming of age).

Soulmate Love - This type of love is described as a love that has survived multiple life times. Not everyone believes in this concept. 10. Read a book that is in the romance genre, see if you can find one where they find their soulmate.

Spiritual/Divine Love - This type of love recognizes the Divine light in everyone and everything. Love is given to everyone as an act of loving God. - 11. Read a book that is in the Christian/Spiritual genre.

Love of your country or patriotism - This is love for the place you live or the place that were born. It is a type of loyalty and a special feeling of belonging that you attribute to that specific geographic location. - 12 Read a book that is from a author in the country you were born.

Self-Love - This is a positive feeling that you have about who you are and what you deserve. It often is expressed by treating yourself well, respecting yourself, wanting yourself to be happy and expecting others to respect you too. 13. Read a book that will make you happy.

Brotherly Love - This term connotes having a feeling of love for your neighbor, because all humanity is considered to be part of a larger family of human beings. - 14. Read a book that a friend has recommended.

Tough Love - This term is used to describe a love that is expressed by setting boundaries for the good of the other person. - 15. Read a book that has the word tough or love in the title."

And here's what I managed to do for it:

1. Infatuation: Cress (Lunar Chronicles, #3) by Marissa Meyer (read February 10th 2014).

2. Romantic Love: Innocent Hearts by Jess Mountifield (read February 12th 2014).

3. Eros Love: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader (The Chronicles Of Narnia, #3 or #5; publication and chronalogical order respectively) by C.S. Lewis (read February 23rd 2014).

5. Unconditional Love: Raising Steam (Discworld, #40) by Terry Pratchett (read February 15th 2014).

8. Maternal Love: King Of The Cloud Forests by Michael Morpurgo (read February 11th 2014).

12. Love of your country or patriotism: The Suitcase Kid by Jaqueline Wilson (read February 16th 2014).

14. Brotherly Love: Not A Drop To Drink (Not A Drop To Drink, #1) by Mindy McGinnis (read February 13th 2014).

15. Tough Love: Love And Freindship by Jane Austen (read February 22nd 2014).

I completed 8 of 15.


Rita said...

That's a lot of "love" reading. Got to be good for the soul. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yep, Rita; got to be! :)

Intense Guy said...

This is like the 1000 words the Eskimos have for snow!

:) I ought to read a few of these...

Victoria Zigler said...

LOL, yeah, it is. Only love is meant to be warm, and snow is generally cold. ;)

At least with all the books I read you can get plenty of recommendations, LOL!