Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kero's fear-filled leap

Our weather's been really bad lately.

Storms, storms, and... Yes, you guessed it... More storms!

I don't mind storms, but Kero and the degu boys (Jasper especially) hate storms!

Jasper starts squealing shortly before a bad storm, so at least we get a bit of warning. Though not enough to prepare Kero for the huge peel of thunder that - as far as he was concerned - came out of nowhere Wednesday night, causing poor Kero to somehow manage to go from being curled up in his bed not far from the window to standing on top of me on my bed in one swift movement (there's a gap of about a foot between his basket and my bed, and his basket is under a low table on which I keep my stereo). It's a leap he can't usually manage, especially now age has made his hips weaker.

I'm glad he's a small dog, that's all I can say! I mean, it hurt enough having him land on me like that, so I'd hate to think how much it would hurt being hit by a larger dog.

I couldn't be mad at him when he was so frightened though... Poor little guy was trembling with fear!

He spent the rest of the storm laying under a blanket between Kelly and myself.

We couldn't do anything about the degus at the time, but they weren't squealing so we had to assume they were OK and comfort Kero. Or rather, I had to, since Kelly slept through most of it, only waking long enough to pull Kero between us, since how he was standing on me made it impossible for me to do so without hurting him or myself (he was standing on my back). I checked on the degus afterwards though, and - though a little upset - they were fine. I guess Luna did a good enough job with them for me or something.


Intense Guy said...

Goodness - at a time like that you must be glad Kero isn't the size Willow was!

Poor lil' guy!

Victoria Zigler said...

LOL! Actually, that was my exact thought afterwards! I think if it had been Willow I'd have been visiting the hospital. As it was it took almost a week before I stopped feeling like my ribs were bruised!