Sunday, August 24, 2014

Random happenings - August 24th 2014 (kinda FD)

In the past two weeks we've been to "The Love Cafe" - which is the cafe we used to go to with Kero - twice, "Alpha Cafe" three times, "Costa Coffee" once, "The Coffee Bean" once, and the cafe in Waterstones bookstore once. We'd be reluctant to go back to the cafe in Waterstones, because it's rather expensive, and we were quite glad at the time we only went there for a drink and a sit down. But we'll be happy to go back to the others any time!

We've also walked along the seafront a couple of times, walked around town a couple of times (including going to Hastings' weekly market this past Thursday) and walked to a couple of places more local. Also, I got an audiobook of Miss Marple stories when we were in Waterstones, and we went to Asda to do the grocery shopping. Plus, we've ridden the train a few times, and someone let me check out his motorbike - which was really cool, and had skulls for headlights!

Thursday's outing wasn't just the two of us though, since we met up with a fellow author who I met through Goodreads. Her name is Barb, she's from Italy, and she was visiting the UK so said she'd come down to Hastings to meet up with us. She writes under a couple of different pen names, but if you want to check her out, her blog is at and you can find other links to do with her from there. I'll put up the pictures Kelly got of the two of us together once we get them off the camera.

On Friday my ankle made it perfectly clear that it had been walked on enough. I'm surprised it took so long, actually! But we'd already planned to stay home this weekend anyway, so it's no big deal. Besides, I needed to catch up on a bit of reading before I end up behind on my reading goal for the year, and wanted to do some work on a knitted blanket I'm making for myself (which I want to complete in time for this Winter); both of which were things I could do at the same time thanks to text to speech on my Kindle, and both of which were things I could do while resting my ankle. I actually ended up doing a bit of writing this weekend too!


Rita said...

I'm glad you guys have been out and about enjoying yourselves. Staying home and taking care of your ankle--it was amazing it lasted a long time. You were able to get some other things done and some writing, too. Nice! :) :) Hope you have a good week and your ankle doesn't bother you anymore.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! :)

The ankle not bothering me any more is unlikely. I might be able to strengthen it some if I can get it used to us being out and about, but it will never heal completely, so there will always be a point where it will cause problems when it decides it's had enough of me walking on it.

Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you are getting out and about - the sun will feel good on your skin and be healing.

I hope your ankle stops "complaining" soon!

Victoria Zigler said...


Ankle hasn't stopped complaining yet, but I'm just making sure I have an ankle support on, resting regularly, and telling it to shut up... Despite the very rude names I'm sure it's calling me, LOL!