Thursday, August 14, 2014

Random thoughts - August 14th 2014 (FD & R/WP)

I miss Kero; especially at sleep time! Kero always slept with me, and not having him beside me feels wrong!

The neighbours two doors down are doing some work on their place. On Tuesday there were people and vehicles coming and going and making noise all day. But it still seemed too quiet to me as Kero would have been barking at those kinds of things so much that I'd have ended up with a headache. It might sound strange to complain that I didn't get a headache, but I really missed the barking, and despite the noise of the workmen and neighbours coming and going it was much too quiet here on Tuesday.

Kelly and I went out today for a drink and a bit of air. We also went out yesterday (Wednesday). We needed the outings, I think. Today we went for a drink at my favourite cafe, which is called "The Love Cafe" and sat outside. Yesterday we went to eat at a cafe called "Alpha Cafe" which is near where we get the train in to town, then we went to town on the train and ran a couple of errands. We both had burger meals at the café yesterday, though mine was a veggie burger, of course. "Alpha Café" has several vegetarian friendly options as it turns out.

While we were out yesterday, we picked up a couple of things the degus and gerbils could have a nibble on (wood chews, and a gnawing block for the degus, who have already gone through that big one we got them a few months back). Jacob needed a present; I think he misses Kero too, because he's been a bit down, and he was squeaking a lot in the way they do when they're upset. His gift seems to have cheered him up though.

Early this morning I wrote something that was the most difficult piece of writing I've ever done. Yet it was also the piece I knew the words for the best. What I wrote was the 7th and final book for the "Kero's World" series. I hadn't planned on writing a 7th book for the series, but I felt like I needed to write it. Iggy made the cover for me yesterday, which I really appreciate. I know Kero meant a lot to him, and if I didn't know it already then his recent post would have told me so. Kelly read the story this afternoon and said it was beautiful and that he could see why I needed to write it. I think Kero would appreciate it; he loved being the center of attention, and always got excited when I talked about his books (probably because his name was mentioned). I plan to publish the story on September 11th. I know that's already a signifecant date, and hope people understand that I'm not publishing it then because of what the date means to most people, but because that will be exactly a month from the day we lost Kero.


Kelly Zigler said...

I took a walk down to the sea side and said my final goodbye to Kero, I really needed to do this as I could not keep from cry at the Vet as that would upset Kero in his last moments and he needed someone strong to be with him at the end so Tori stayed with him til he passed. Getting back to me saying goodbye to him, I wrote his name on a rock and tossed it into the ocean as it was his favourite place to be when we were out feeling the sea breeze in his fur.

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm glad you found your own way to say goodbye. Yes, Kero loved feeling the breeze in his fur down by the ocean. I think he wished the water wasn't so wet, but as long as he could keep his paws on dry land he loved being there.

Intense Guy said...

Kelly's way of saying "good bye (for now)" is a beautiful gesture. That place on the beach will always trigger memories of a special little white dog with a big heart.

I'm surprised you've written the story already - it was surely difficult. I'm not surprised the Degus and Gerbils sense something is amiss - a lot of animals are a lot smarter than humans often give them credit for.

Hugs, hugs, and more hugs. I'll get the 7th book when it becomes available - I will have the complete set - although I might not be able to read the last one (easily).

Victoria Zigler said...

I didn't expect to have it written yet either, but I couldn't sleep and thought I'd do a little of it. It was the most difficult thing I've ever written, but once I started I knew every word I had to write. I have to admit though that it was lucky I use a screen reader, because if I'd needed to see the screen then I don't think I could have kept writing, because I never could have seen what I was writing through the tears.

I understand if it will be too difficult for you to read; especially so soon. But I appreciate the fact you'll be grabbing a copy. Also, thank you aain for sorting the cover for me.

The spot where Kelly threw the rock was a spot where Kero liked to stand and feel the breeze, so it already held some memories of Kero for us. But now it's a special place.

Victoria Zigler said...

That should have read "thank you again"

Rita said...

I can understand starting to write because you couldn't sleep anyways. And that the very fact that Kero's barking wasn't there made all the outside racket make inside even emptier without Kero giving them what for! :)

Throwing the rock from Kero's favorite spot by the beach was a fitting goodbye. I think it's good for you guys to get out and about--away from home a bit. Settle into the newness of it all.

Kero was loved and will be missed!!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Rita!

Fairytale said...

Tons of love always , Grandma xx

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Grandma! xx