Friday, October 10, 2014

Kindle update

So, yeah... My Kindle is dead. After several days of attempted charges (with two different chargers) and attempts at connecting it to the computer, we're getting nothing. And, yes, Kelly had a look too, in case it just decided to stop talking and needs that turned back on (which happened once).

I also tried the Kindle for PC thing again, in case the recently updated Jaws will work with it. But it won't. It will navigate the menus now, which is a start, but that's it. I tried every single keystroke that's meant to make it read things out, and it was having none of it. So, the Kindle for PC thing is out, as I suspected.

We looked at the Kindles on Amazon. Of course, the ones with all the features I need are the newer ones, which naturally makes them the more expensive options. Big surprise there, I don't think!

With that in mind, I decided to talk to Apple, since I know for a fact the "Speak Screen" software their ipods and ipads come with as standard works for the visually impaired, since my brother, Carl, has an iPhone, which he manages to use (he was fiddling with it when he was visiting a couple of weeks ago). So, I called Apple and the guy actually tried out the accessability of the Kindle App using his own Apple iPad-mini while I was on the phone with him. And, yes, it worked; the speaking software read out the book he opened up.

This leaves me with two options:

1. Get a Kindle, and hope it works, though I may have limited accessability when it comes to most features. Amazon insist there will be no issue with accessability though.

2. Pay just a little more, get an iPad, know it works, and that other features it has will work for me.

It's nice to have options. Though kind of frustrating that either way it's going to cost me a couple of hundred pounds.


Rita said...

Good luck! At least whichever one you buy you know you will get a TON on use out of it. You read more than anybody I know. :) :) Let us know what you decide. I'd check reviews from visually impaired if there's some place you can find online.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! I'll let you know.

Yeah, I do read a lot... I'm missing my Kindle terribly right now... Reading on the computer just isn't the same!

I don't know if there's anywhere to find reviews from other visually impaired people, and most of the time when you can find things comparing technology for the visually impaired they focus on people with low vision anyway; even the RNIB seems more interested in low vision aids than things for people who are totally blind. I know Carl can use an iPad just fine, since he has an iPhone, and they aren't much different. But I've also been told that if you can use one touch screen device, then as long as it has a speaking feature you can use any. So that still leaves me with the option of having whichever I want.

The guy from Apple allowed me to hear it working over the phone, but the woman from Amazon just double checked with others she worked with to make sure she was correct, then sent me the list I posted the other day with the features I need to make sure it has for it to be accessable. That's why I say "hope it works" for the Kindle, but "know it works" for the iPad.

Intense Guy said...

Frowns -

I too, am waiting the moment my Nook expires - it keeps soldiering on - but doesn't hold a charge as long anymore.

I hope whatever you get next is a huge improvement in accessibility!

Victoria Zigler said...

Me too!

And, I hope your Nook lasts a while for you yet!