Friday, October 03, 2014

Random ramblings - October 3rd 2014 (FD)

How did we get a couple of days in to October already?


I often mean to sit down and do a blog post about how my day has been, or what I've been up to lately. But I somehow never get to it.

Not that I really have anything exciting to say about most days, since my days mostly contain the same activities but in different orders. I sometimes think of the people out there who read blogs as a way to take a peek in to the lives of others though.

I used to do blog posts like those all the time, but - like I said - I somehow don't end up doing them these days.

Well, I'm still not really doing one of those posts today, but I am going to give you a bit of a change from all the book related posts I've posted over the past couple of weeks, and post a few random bits and pieces I'd have mentioned if I'd been doing the posts about my day to day life I was just talking about.


My Dad, Dad's girlfriend, my Nan, and one of my brothers (Carl) came for a visit last weekend.

We had take-away Friday night; Indian food for most of us, but Kelly had pizza and Nan had fish and chips (neither of them are that keen on Indian food). Then we had breakfast at the café by the train station that's called "Alpha Cafe" on Saturday morning; cooked breakfasts for everyone but me (I just had an egg baguette).

On Friday evening we also tried out the new "Star Wars: Edge Of The Empire" roleplaying system. It was fun, and a pretty simple system to get to grips with. At least, I thought so.

Click here to watch a clip for the game on YouTube.

After breakfast on Saturday we all caught a taxi in to the old part of town (where Kelly and I don't usually go, since we usually go in on the train and it's quite a walk from the station to that part of town). We were also going to go along the seafront and take some photos, but by the time we'd gone through town I just wanted to go home and rest.


Kelly and I were playing with some online quizzes the other day. Apparently...

According to two different quizzes... The mythological creature I have living inside me is a dragon, and I should be a fire dragon if I'm an elemental dragon. Funnily enough, we were discussing what creature I'd be if I could be a non-human creature on my Goodreads author of the month thread only the day before I did those quizzes, and it was a dragon I picked.

According to two other quizzes, the member of the X-Men I would be is Kitty Pride, and I'd be a Wookie if I was in Star Wars.

Also, I'm officially considered weird according to a quiz to see how weird you are.


We ended up replacing the degu cage. The cage was only a year old, but we noticed rust on it and thought it best to replace it before it got worse (especially with all our attempts to stop the degus gnawing on the bars being unsuccessful).

I don't begrudge the degus a penny of the money the cages cost, but I couldn't help having a bit of a moan about the fact they cost so much, yet don't last like they should. It can't be helped though; if that's what they cost, then that's what we have to pay... Whether I like it or not. It's ridiculous though!

Anyway, we should have a couple of photos of the new cage on the camera, which we'll sort out some time soon.


Intense Guy said...

So you are a vegetarian, shaggy brown haired, dragon. That IS an interesting mix! What was Kelly?

I hope you enjoyed you company! Sounds like you got out and about and explored a bunch!


Victoria Zigler said...

Kelly got an Earth dragon, Storm from X-Men, and Yoda from Star Wars.

Victoria Zigler said...

P.S. We've gotten out and about a lot recently; it's been nice to get out.

Rita said...

Nice to have company and be out and about. :)
Big cages like that are expensive! That's crazy for it to be rusting so soon. What a shame. But what can you do. Darn!
Those silly tests are fun to take sometimes. Hope you have a great weekend. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yeah, it's nice to have company and go out sometimes. I do like my days at home with just hubby and the furries too, but it's nice to have some of each, you know?

I know, it's just crazy that it had rust already... Just another sign things aren't made with as much care as they used to be though, I guess. I mean, it used to be that you could buy a cage for one pet, and would just have to give it a good clean up for the next. These days you're lucky if the cage lasts as long as the pet's lifespan; even with a hamster!

Some of the quizzes are really fun. I could spend hours just playing with them if I let myself...