Monday, October 10, 2016

#Reading Ramblings: #Book Scents And Reading #Challenges

Do you know what I miss most about being able to read a physical book?

The scent!

Even my brother, Carl, who has never been able to read print, loves the scent of a good paperback or hardback book.

If you do too, you may appreciate this post on the scent of a book.

I might have to see if I can get me some of those book scented candles...


None of the Goodreads groups I'm on have been doing challenges lately, hence the lack of posts about them. However, I've been doing my yearly Goodreads reading challenge, of course... That just requires me to make sure I mark a book as read on Goodreads after I've finished reading it.

My 2016 reading goal was set to 216 books. If you know me, and how much I read, you probably won't be all that surprised to hear that I actually already met - and passed - my reading goal for the year. Kelly says I'm making it too easy on myself. Maybe he's right... Maybe next year I should actually challenge myself?


Jeanie said...

I love this! Yes, each book smells differently (mostly good). I can tell when I'm reading a book I brought home from the lake -- there's that lake smell. Not quite musty but the smell of being in a spot that is closed up for much of the year. And it always, always takes me back to summer -- for which I'm very grateful!

Victoria Zigler said...

Sounds wonderful...

Intense Guy said...

I enjoy the smell of a new book (and car and even bed linen).


Victoria Zigler said...

All great smells! *Smiles*