Monday, January 16, 2017

January 2017 #Roleplaying Ramblings

Technically this post should have been done last month, and been for December 2016 instead. But I had so many other things I wanted to post about first, that I'm only now able to find a free spot to put this post up, despite actually having written it last month. It's been sitting in my blog's dashboard waiting patiently for a chance to get published since about mid December.


I killed a dragon!

I am Clover, dragon slayer... Fear me!

Yeah... Something tells me I'm more likely to get a chuckle if I have my character walk in to an inn and announce that during a game, rather than the looks of fear and awe I'd like. Why? Well, the name Clover doesn't exactly inspire fear, and she's a halfling (roleplaying's answer to a hobbit; three feet tall and weighing 31lbs). Still, it almost sounded impressive.

Plus, I really did kill a dragon!

OK, OK. I admit it, Kelly's elven druid did some damage to the dragon with a flaming scroll of some sort, and Carl's gnome sorcerer did some damage when he threw fireballs at it. But my halfling ranger did the most damage (even if you don't include the damage the dragon took when it met the ground as it died). Plus, most importantly, her arrows were what brought it down, and she dealt the killing blow, so to speak (technically killing shot, since it was an arrow, but you get the point). So I did have a little help, but I officially killed the dragon.

That ended the adventure, since it was called "The Dragon's Demand" and it's difficult to worry about the dragon's demands when there's no dragon to be making any, as I'm sure even the non-roleplayers among you can appreciate. So we're all heroes, because we saved the nearby town from kobolds and a dragon. We even did it without any of our party dying, which is an added bonus.

Go us... We're awesome!

Anyway, at the moment, we're not continuing to game. I think the others would kind of like to continue, but they won't do it without me, and I don't want to right now. I'm not saying I won't in the future. I mean, the characters are pretty cool seventh level characters with some magical items now, after all. Plus, roleplaying is fun. I'm just kind of feeling like I need a break from it right now. So we shared out the treasure from the end of the adventure, and will maybe take these characters on another adventure at some point in the future. But not right now. Right now there's no roleplaying. Not for me, anyway. Of course, if that changes, I'll let you know.


Jeanie said...

Clover the Dragon Slayer. I think that's the title of your next book!

Victoria Zigler said...

Not the next one, but maybe one for the future?

Ideas are everywhere! If only I could write the books as fast as ideas are formed!

Victoria Zigler said...

P.S. It's funny that I ended up posting this today. Turns out it's dragon appreciation day today. I'm pretty sure killing them doesn't count as appreciating them... Oops!

Intense Guy said...

Hope you enjoyed Dragon Appreciation day... in your case I assume appreciation would mean... eating it? Smiles and Laffs.

Victoria Zigler said...

For Clover, maybe. For me personally, however, I think I'll give that kind of appreciation a miss.