Wednesday, January 04, 2017

#Writing Wednesday: Looking Ahead At 2017

It's a whole new year, and I suppose you're wondering what's to come for me as an author this year?

Yeah... About that... Guess what? So am I!

Ahem... OK, well, here's what I've got so far:

*The paperback version of "Ulrike's Christmas" is currently in production, and will hopefully be available by the end of January 2017... Or maybe some time in early February 2017. Depending how long the proof takes to get to me, and assuming there are no issues when the proof arrives, of course. Great news for those of you who prefer a physical book.

*I've got a little stack of poems I plan/hope to add to in the next couple of months, so I'm planning to release a new poetry collection some time in 2017. Exactly when will depend on when I feel like I have enough poems for it, and decide which of them I want to use as the title poem, so I can't give you even an estimated date at this moment in time. All I know for sure right now is that a new poetry collection will be released at some point in the not-too-distant future.

*I've got a couple of stories I've made a start on, and several ideas trying to get my attention, so I plan to work on those - beginning with the couple I've already started - and will publish them when they're ready. What will be finished first, and how many stories I finish and publish this year is currently uncertain, so I'll have to fill you in on details about that as the year progresses and potential release dates become a reality. Not having old stories to rewrite in between the writing of new ones any more, means I'm not ahead of my publishing schedule like I was for the past couple of years, so 2017 will see less releases from me than previous years have. Not because I'm not continuing to write at least a little each day, but because I've only got new material to work with, so you need to give me time to write it, and then to get it ready for publication. Anyway, I'll give you more details about the stories when they're closer to completion.

*I need to spend a bit more time on marketing. I've got a few ideas I'm toying with, so you'll hopefully see my attempts at doing more when it comes to marketing my books in the near future. How many of these ideas I manage to do anything with, and how successful these attempts will be is anyone's guess, but that's always the case, so I'm going to try not to become discouraged if they don't work as well as I hope they will. The point is, I know I need to do more when it comes to marketing, and I'm going to try my best to do so.

So, there you go. That's what I've got planned for 2017. I know the plans are a little vague, but it's all I've got for now, I'm afraid. Still, it's a starting point, which is better than not having any plans at all. Right?


Intense Guy said...

I hope your marketing pays off (no pun intended!)

Victoria Zigler said...

Haha! Thanks!

Jeanie said...

Sounds like you have a list -- better than me! Good luck with it all == somehow, I have complete confidence that you will thrive!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! To be honest, I only created the list while writing this post on the weekend, so I'm pleased I sound like I have some kind of plan for the year ahead. I was worried I wouldn't... Haha!

Danielle L Zecher said...

It sounds like you're going to be very busy.

Victoria Zigler said...

Indeed! I certainly have a lot planned for this year, not just with my writing goals, but also with everything else.