Monday, January 23, 2017

Of January 2017 #Snow And #Birthday Wishes

We got snow!

(Above photo taken from our living room window on the evening of January 12th 2017, when we realized the weather reports were actually right - for a change - and it was trying to snow ).

OK, it wasn't much, but it was snow, and that's what counts.

There was enough so I could go down and catch some snowflakes, which Kelly managed to figure out my phone's camera enough - with a little help from me talking him through it - to snap a photo of...

Catching Snowflakes

Hand held out to catch the snow,
While a bitter wind doth blow,
Making falling snowflakes swirl;
See them dance, and spin, and twirl!
There, for just a moment, in your hand,
The most delicate thing in all the land.

© 2017 ~ Victoria Zigler

So, anyway, I was really happy, because catching snowflakes is fun!

There was a bit more snow than you see in the above photos that evening. But we forgot how to work the flash on our regular camera (again) so it only showed darkness when we tried taking photos with it, we haven't got a new camera yet, and the couple of shots above were enough to kill what power was in my iPhone, since TapTapSee and Voiceover combined being on really eats up the battery power quickly (and the battery isn't great any more in general). So you don't get to see the evidence of that, I'm afraid. We really need to get that new camera... *Sigh*

But.. Anyway... YAY for snow!

It snowed a little more the following day. Not much, but enough to say it really was doing so. I didn't get photos though, because I was too busy catching snowflakes, and Kelly was sleeping.

OK, to most of you what we had would be considered a light dusting. I mean, there was only like an inch or so on the 12th, and there wasn't much more added to it on the 13th... Maybe half an inch? Plus, the days before had been all over the place weatherwise, so conditions weren't right for it to stick properly, and it was gone pretty quickly, especially in my immediate area (where the rough ocean and strong wind were combining to scatter salty sea spray over the area, melting the snow before it could come to much). But it snowed!


A couple of my online friends celebrated their birthdays around the new year. Those friends are Chris and Sarah, who celebrated their birthdays on December 31st and January 1st respectively.

Also, my Auntie Lizzie celebrated her birthday on January 6th, an online friend named Kevin celebrated his birthday on the same day, my Nan (Dad's Mother) celebrated her birthday on January 8th, and another online friend, Kati, celebrated her birthday yesterday (January 22nd).

So, belated happy birthday wishes go out to Chris, Sarah, Auntie Lizzie, Kevin, Nan, and Kati!

I know there are others, so...

If you celebrated your birthday recently too, or are about to do so, then I'd also like to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope it is - or was - a wonderful one, filled with all your favourite people, and all the good things you deserve.


Rita said...


Intense Guy said...

Yay! You got snow (and double yay! we didn't!)

Victoria Zigler said...

Glad my post made you smile. :)

Haha! Glad we got the snow and you didn't.

Jeanie said...

I love the poem. And I'm so very happy that you got the snow you wanted. I know you had been hoping for it!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks about the poem! Yeah, I really had been hoping and wishing for snow. I wouldn't have been too shocked if I hadn't gotten any, but I'm really pleased I did get some after all.