Monday, July 31, 2017

How My Love Of Chips Helped Me Finally Meet Alex Lester (FD)

Often, when I can't sleep at night and don't feel like reading or writing, I turn to the radio for company and entertainment. My favourite show being Alex Lester's "Best Time Of The Day" show. Well, that was my favourite. It was on BBC 2 until recent budget cuts made them decide to axe it, which totally sucks.

I knew Alex lived in - or not too far from - the area we now live in, which we moved to almost six years ago, and really wanted to meet him. I almost had the chance to do so a few years ago, when I knew for a fact he'd be at a local event that was happening literally up the road from where I lived at that time (this was before our last move). Unfortunately, as it happened, I didn't end up going to the event after all, so missed out on meeting him.

Kelly went to the event and met him, and even ran in to him a few times while out and about - always when I wasn't with him though, of course. But I was having no luck running in to him.

Until a chance meeting a couple of weeks ago.

We were walking with Lilie along the pomonade towards the peer. Officially we were going to check out some of the entertainment happening that day (more on that in next Monday's post) but we'd left home early in order to stop and have some chips (fries) from the fish and chip shop that's practically on the beach before walking the rest of the way to the peer. It's quite a long walk for me and Lilie, though many people would say it's not too bad of a walk (it's a little under a mile). But the lure of the chips at the half way point, combined with the weather - which was warm and sunny when we left home, even if storm clouds were starting to role in by the time we made it to the peer - made it a pleasant walk. Besides, there are benches set at intervals along the promonade, as well as at street level along the same stretch of road, so there were plenty of chances to rest for a moment or two.

So, we walked down the steps from street level to the promonade, and started walking towards the peer. Suddenly, there was Alex Lester, starting to walk past us.

He stopped to pet Lilie - most people do - and was nice enough to stay and chat for a few moments, and even kind enough to agree to let Kelly take a photo of me with him. So, here's the photo:

It's awesome to have finally got to meet him!

Just think though: If I hadn't wanted those chips so badly, we wouldn't have been walking that way at that particular time. Lucky I'm a sucker for a portion of chips, isn't it?


Jeanie said...

Very cool! I don't know him or his show, of course, but I do know what it is like to meet someone whose work you have admired just to be able to say so! That would have been loads of fun -- and it's a great photo! (Good Lilie -- keep up the cuteness and who knows the people your humans will meet!)

Danielle L Zecher said...

Glad you finally got to meet him. And you got chips out of the deal, that's a win win!

Victoria Zigler said...

It's a shame his show isn't still on the air, because you used to be able to connect and listen from anywhere in the world via the BBC Radio 2 website. Anyway, yes, it was very cool.

Yes... A win win situation for sure!

Rita said...

How nice you finally got to meet him AND get a picture with him, too!! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Yes, it was. I almost didn't ask for the picture, but I just couldn't resist. I was really pleased when he agreed to it without hesitation. :)