Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chickens, cups and CDs

So, my Mam ended up coming to sort out the chicken in the end. LOL! She said it doesn't bother her, so we told her if that was the case then she could do it herself. So, she did. LOL! And, if you were wondering, yes, it was a lovely chicken dinner.

Kelly and I have these nice, big mugs that we use a lot for warm drinks. We've had them since the Christmas before we got married. Apparently though, it took my Mam a good five years to notice these cups. LOL! Anyway, she recently developed the habit of using mine to make her drinks in when she's here. So, yesterday Kelly went and got her one of her own. It's not exactly like ours because ours are Christmasy mugs and hers says "Mum" on it. But, she's really pleased with it. She proudly showed it to Dad, then said about a dozen times, "I've got my own big cup now!" *Shrugs* Whatever makes her happy. LOL!

While Mam and Dad were here yesterday (Wednesday) Mam helped me get some of my CDs labeled. We haven't finished labeling the movies, but it was the CDs she wanted to do. It doesn't matter to me either way. They all need to be done eventually anyway, so does it really matter what order they get done in? I taught her how to figure out the label maker, so she was making the labels then I was checking they said what she'd meant them to say and sticking them on the CDs. I think it made the job a bit quicker to be honest. Plus, it meant both of us always had something to do, so nobody got bored.

The only other thing I wanted to say in this post is that yesterday (May 21st) was Kelly's uncle Keith's birthday. So, a belated "happy birthday" to him. :)


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