Saturday, May 10, 2008

Updates on things

First of all - for the benifit of all who don't read their blogs - both Kaylee and MarmiteToasty have posted updates. Kaylee is doing OK but still in a lot of pain (which I hope goes away soon). So, it seems the op went well for her. Toasty, however, isn't doing all that great. If her doctors can't keep the swelling down she could end up back in the hospital. So, not such good news from Toasty. Keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't end up back in the hospital, and that Kaylee gets to come home from the hospital soon.

Sticking on the subject of medical issues for a moment...

I got a letter for what's meant to be my last appointment with the gynaecologist before I get refered to the fertility experts. Not sure exactly when it is yet because the letter is just one that tells me to call and make the appointment and I can't call until Monday. I do know, however, that this means I'll be adding yet another medical appointment to my appointment diary this month. *Sigh*


I didn't end up going to town yesterday (Friday) because I couldn't go. My eye is really bugging me and I knew I couldn't go out there with my eye hurting like it was. So, Kelly did what needed doing instead.

I got the rest of my audio books labeled (including the new one I got the other day) and Kelly and I also got a little over half of the movies labeled. We couldn't finish them or sort the CDs because we ran out of labeling tape. I'll be ordering more on Monday, so when it comes we can carry on (until that lot runs out too, lol!) I'll be glad when all the movies and CDs are labeled and it's just a case of labeling new stuff when we get it... That dymo thing is hard on the wrist when used for long periods of time. LOL!

On the subject of movies and audio books (well, audio books anyway)...

I listened to "Our Mutual Friend" by Charles Dickens over the last couple of days. It tells the story of a man named John (I forget his "real" last name) who staged his own death in order to get to know the woman he was meant to marry in order to come in to the money left to him by his dead father, and all the things that happened as a result of this. At least, that's the best I can give you without re-telling the story. Anyway, it was an "OK" story. Kinda hard to get in to though.

... ... ...

I wasn't all that surprised by who got voted off American Idol this week. As LadyStyx mentioned on her MySpace (see, I do read it, Styxie, lol) he made a fatal mistake (forgetting a good line or so of the song). Earlier in the compatition it wouldn't have mattered, but at this point in the compatition it really does. And this wasn't exactly one of his better weeks even without that mistake. Or, I didn't think so anyway. Still, it's probably better for him that he can go off on his own anyway. So, it's bye-bye to Jason. I wonder who'll be next? Saisha maybe? That would make it a David vs David final... LOL!

... ... ...

Yesterday (Friday) was Elizabeth's birthday. I did mean to get on here and post a "happy birthday" to her, but I never got around to it. So, a belated happy birthday to Elizabeth. :)


It's getting close to 1:00 am and I need to finish getting stuff done so I can see about bed soon. Not sure how well the sleep thing will work, but I need to try. LOL!

*hugs to all in need of them*



LadyStyx said...

I'd been in to Kaylee's and Toasty's blogs, I just dont always leave a comment. That Toasty one really made me laugh though. Funny lady she is!

Awesome that you get a chance to go into that other area of mine. I never knew if you did or not because the link in my blog for the area brings one to my profile page. I suspect you'd gotten in there and just bookmarked the blog section to bypass all the rest of the stuff in there.

Sorry to hear your eye is acting up again. I hope it feels better soon.

Happy Belated BDay to Elizabeth!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

tori love you have my sympathy with not being able to get out in the sun,and boy have we had some sun lately, hope you manage to get out a little bit. :).

and a b lated happy b day to elizabeth, :).

do you know exactly how many films / books/ etc that you have or is that asking the impossible ???.

that story sounded interesting .

KAYLEE said...


AliceKay said...

I hope your eye is feeling better since you wrote this post. *hugs*

Happy belated birthday to Elizabeth from me, too.

Tori_z said...

No, my eye isn't feeling better.

Yes, Toasty is really funny... It's good that she's even managing to keep her sense of humour when she's feeling this rotten, doncha think?

I access the posts via your feed things on the bottom of the sidebar on your main blog. You know? The ones above the archive section? I don't check for new posts until Saturdays though, because we're a couple days behind with American Idol so I don't see the results show until Friday evening.

No idea how many. I've never bothered to count them and have no intension of doing so. LOL!