Monday, July 06, 2009

Kero and the bbudgie

Iggy asked about the thing that happened to Kero with the budgie, so I thought I'd share the story.

It happened when Kero was about 4 or 5 months old. At the time we had three other pets apart from Kero... A rabbit (Stewie), a hamster (Hamlet) and a budgie (Charlie). Charlie and Hamlet lived in the living room, but I always took their cages out in to the kitchen to clean them, and while I was cleaning the cages I would shut the gate that was at the kitchen doorway to keep Kero out from under my feet while I sorted the cages.

Anyway, this particular day Charlie - who was a bit wary of people normally - decided he would hop on to my hand when I stuck it in the cage to grab his seed and grit bowls. I'd been trying to tame him, so I kept my hand there for him to perch on. Next thing I knew, he'd walked up my arm and was flying around the kitchen. I grabbed a towel to try and throw over him to catch him (that was the only way to catch him when he got out) but before I could do anything he'd flown over the baby gate and in to the computer room/dining room... Where Kero was. And I wasn't sure what - if anything - Kero would do to him. I just froze, not wanting to scare Kero and make him snap at Charlie, but then...

Charlie - who had been circling the room - landed right in front of Kero. They stared at each other for a while, neither one moving, and just as I was starting to take a few cautious steps towards them, Charlie did a very silly thing. He did one of the impressions he could do. There were two he was really good at... A telephone and a squeaky toy. Can you guess which he did? Yep, you got it... The squeaky toy impression. No sooner had Charlie done this than Kero - wagging his tail frantically - grabbed hold of the "squeaky toy" that had landed in front of him. At which point, I did something I didn't even know I could do... Volted right over the baby gate (which was waist high to me, mind you).

I then grabbed Kero around the middle, yelled at him to, "DROP IT! DROP IT RIGHT NOW!" and forced him to let go of the bird (which was completely in his mouth by the time I got there). As soon as Charlie was out of his mouth, I shoved Kero in the larder (closest place I knew he'd be away from wherever Charlie went... And, don't worry, there was a window in there, so he had air). I slammed the door shut, scooped up Charlie (who hadn't moved) and checked him over.

I thought Charlie was dead at first... He had blood coming from his neck, and wasn't moving. But then I realised he was breathing. So - leaving Kero in the larder - I placed him in the bottom of his cage and called for someone to watch Kero while I took Charlie to the vet. Charlie lived for almost a year afterwards, though he had some scars around his neck from Kero's teeth. If Kero had been older he probably wouldn't have made it though.

Anyway, I think Kero blames Charlie for my rough treatment of him, and for the fact he was forced to face several things he doesn't like at once... Loud noises, being shut away from people, and having me leave him to go somewhere. Since then Kero has sworn revenge on all things feathered, and if the birds that come in the garden come down low enough for him, he'll go for them. Any other animal he seems to be fine with... Cats, rabbits and hamsters for definate... But not birds. He doesn't seem to be able to forgive Charlie for causing me to yell at him and throw him in the larder.

And his feelings towards birds aren't helped by the fright him and I got soon after this when I came downstairs one morning (with Kero in my arms to make sure he made it outside before any accidents happened) to find a raven flying around the house. We assume it came down the chimney, since all windows were closed. Kelly had to catch it, and when he brought it closer for me to see, it tried to peck Kero's nose (I still had Kero in my arms so he didn't "help" with catching the bird). And a pigeon stole his chicken nugget when we gave him one when we took him to Swansea with us one time.

As you can see, Kero hasn't had much luck with birds.



Intense Guy said...

Oh my goodness. What a story!

What was Charlie the Budgie prrtending to be a squeak toy right in front of a dog for? LOL - he must of had a death wish.

And poor Kero - losing his chicken nugget to a bird.

Paints up a little sign for Kero that reads "No Birds!" for him to carry around the garden.

The Wife O Riley said...

Poor Kero, he has certainly had his share of run ins with birds. No wonder he doesn't like them.

AliceKay said...

Yeah, poor Kero. If I were Kero, I probably would be wary of birds too. (poor Charlie...he didn't realize sounding like a squeeky toy was a dangerous thing to be)

MarmiteToasty said...

Cripes, you dont have much luck with birds either LOL....

I love your story....


Deanna said...

Poor Kero - poor budgie.

And then to get his chicken nugget stolen! The humiliation. I don't think I'd like birds either if I had been through what Kero has been through!

LadyStyx said...

Oh dear. Poor Kero. It would be interesting to hear this story again from HIS POV.