Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeding time for the birds

Sparrow 1: "Who's turn is it to eat first?"
Sparrow 2: "It's mine, I think!"
Sparrow 3: "Is not!"
Sparrow 2: "Is so!"
Sparrow 1: "If you guys are going to argue about it, I'll go!"

Sparrow 2: How come he got to eat first?"
Sparrow 4: "Because you and #3 were too busy arguing."
Sparrow 5: "What happened to #6?"
Sparrow 4: "I think she went to check on the kids."

Sparrow 1: "Stick to your side, OK?"
Sparrow 2: "Yeah, yeah! Shut up! I'm trying to eat here!"

Sparrow 1: "You guys ever heard of patience?"
Sparrow 3: "What's that?"
Sparrow 2: "Quit shoving!"
Sparrow 3: "I'm not!"
Sparrow 4: "Hey! Make room for the rest of us!"
Sparrow 5: "OK! I'm coming in! Move your tail feathers, and make room!"


MarmiteToasty said...

ROLFLMRSSO!!!! = roll on the floor laff my red stripy sock off...


AliceKay said...

That's one busy little bird feeder. LOL

Intense Guy said...

I love the "Bird Whisperers" captioning. :)

I bet it really sounded like:

Preeet chiirrrrup squawk squawk squawk squaaaaaaaawk! chiirrrrup!
Preeet chiirrrrup squawk squawk squawk squaaaaaaaawk! #^&@ squawk chiirrrrup! Preeet chiirrrrup squawk squawk squawk Preet squaaaaaaaawk! chiirrrrup!
%#^)@#% (in birdese)

LadyStyx said...


Iggy forgot that the one prolly flipped the other a wingfeather (I guess they'd call it flipping the human?)

Deanna said...

LOL move your tail feathers

The Wife O Riley said...

That is too funny, Tori!

Tori_z said...

Glad you all enjoyed the post. :)

Yeah, something like that. ;)

Dorkys Ramos said...

There's a whole lot of action there! How do they even manage to fit through that tiny hole is beyond me.

ChicagoLady said...

Great pictures! Those House Sparrows sure do get greedy. I have a momma Northern Cardinal here that is fledging two young. They sit under the feeder squeaking, begging and fluttering their wings waiting for her to bring them seed from the feeder. She gets mad if any other birds come while she's there and takes her space.

Tori_z said...

I don't think you can see it, but the seed comes out of the little holes in to a little bowl shaped sort of space by where they can perch, but the feeder only lets it fill to a certain point.

This lot have a squalking competition on top of our shed if they come and find an empty feeder. Greedy little buggars!