Friday, September 25, 2009

Kero's Korner: Photos, my week and a planned car ride

Hi Humans. It's Kero here... You may have recognised my ear in the above photo.

Firstly, I would like to share a couple of photos Mami took during one of the times we went for walkies last week. I think it was a week ago Tuesday that they were taken. Either that or the Wednesday.

As you can see from this next one, I don't have time to stay still properly for photos while we're having our walkies. There's just too many things to sniff! My nose is kept so busy I don't have time to pose.


This week has mostly been like they all have this month. Mami and Dadi have been going for their walkies and car rides, Mami has been taking me for my usual walkies, and so on. So, not much to report. Although, Willow did come for a couple of quick visits, and I met a new friend while on walkies.

Willow's visits were very short.

She came with Mamgu after lunch on Sunday, and stayed long enough for a quick romp around the garden, and a snack. Then Willow and Mamgu went home again. I think they came to drop something off... I think it was the lawn mower... I think Mamgu borrowed it for the morning or something.

Willow and Mamgu also stopped by for a quick visit on Wednesday afternoon. Just to say, "hi," and have another romp around the garden. I heard Mamgu say that we would have gone for walkies, but it kept raining, so she didn't want to chance it... She already has a cold, so I suppose she doesn't want to make it worse. Most of the humans have colds. I think all except Mami and uncle Wayne.


The friend I met is called "Robbie" and Mami and I seem to meet up with him and his human most mornings when we go for our walkies. A lot of the time he's just setting off on his walkies as we're coming home, but sometimes we walk together for a bit. I think his human takes him further than Mami takes me, but to go further you have to cross a busy road, which then has another path you can walk on at the other side of it. It's basically the same walk, it's just that they split it and put the road there for another way to get out of the town. Anyway, we don't want to cross that road if we can help it. For one thing, it's easier for Mami if we don't cross. For another thing, I don't do busy roads! I hate all the noise and smells of the traffic. It's not so bad on the small side roads, but busy main roads are a no-no if they can be avoided.

That's about all that's happened this week. Although, I heard something about this afternoon that I don't like the sound of. If I heard right - and I don't usually get things like this wrong - then Mami and Mamgu are taking me to the vet this afternoon! I hope I actually heard wrong for once... But it's not very likely, because I have excellent hearing! Mami has told me I'm going for a car rride, but she hasn't been willing to confirm if I heard her say what I think I did to Mamgu. She changes the subject whenever I nudge her to try and get her to tell me. I even tried kisses and tail wags... She's not telling!

It's afternoon now, so I'm going to go and watch for Mamgu, since Mami never told me what time Mamgu was coming. So, I'll let this do for this week, and let you know next week whether I heard right.

Licks and sniffs


Deanna said...

I like your name better than Robbie's, Kero.

If you heard right about the Vet, then you need to go to the vet - Mami knows best.

Intense Guy said...

I bet they even tried spelling it out like V-E-T just to keep it a secret but smart dogs know that V-E-T or vee-e-tea is the same thing as vet.

I'm sure its nothing to worry about - do you hate needles? or do you dislike how they grope around your mouth, pulling at your lips to see your teeth? Or maybe its those deadly dull waiting rooms with no maganzines to read.

Hope you get through the vee-e-tea thingy quickly and nothing is wrong.

Licks and sniffs,


LadyStyx said...

Humans don't much care for the People's version of the Vee-eee-tea either...

AliceKay said...

Just think...soon you'll have a new magazine to read while waiting at the v-e-t's office. I heard Iggy say something about writing one. :)

I hope the appointment went well.

Tori_z said...

Yep! I heard right! I'll tell you all about the appointment in Friday's post though.

It's the thermometers and needles I don't like. I'm kinda used to the pulling about bit... Mami checks me over regularly and has done since I was a tiny pup, so I'm used to that bit. I just hate the needles and thermometers.

The waiting is often quite boring too. Will have to make sure I have a copy of your magazine available next time.

Licks and sniffs,