Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Council update, gaming and stuff (LBE and FD)

Last week we got a call saying someone would be coming out to talk to us about when the work would be done on our place. The person came yesterday (Tuesday). So did someone to "measure up" for the new heating and water system. The heating and water guy was just finishing up as the other guy arrived. But they both knew the other would be there anyway.

The heating and water system is being sorted next week. They're coming about 8:30 am on Wednesday (21st July). We wont have any heating or hot water over night, because they can't finish the job in one day, and have to come and finish the job the following day.

I'm really glad that's being done quickly though, because the sooner that's done, the better. It's going to save us a lot of money, because the current heating system is old and the timer function on it wont work. The only setting on it that works is "constant" or "completely off" Which means we have to keep the water on constant to have hot water when we need it, or we'd have to know two hours ahead of time when we'll be needing hot water for even a small thing, since that's how long it takes to properly heat the water. It's been costing us a lot for gas to work it. But this new one is built to only heat on demand, so costs a lot less money to run. Plus, our new fire is going to be electric, and they're a lot cheaper to run than gas ones too. Not to mention safer.

And, speaking of electric...

The electrician is coming to check all wiring, and give us more power points in the wall on August 4th. I'm not sure what time he'll be coming yet, but at least I know the day now.

And, finally, on Monday August 9th the work on the kitchen and bathroom will start.

I don't know how many days that will take to do, but we were told today that the floor will be done the week after - likely August 17th - so I'm guessing it will be basically that entire week that they'll be working on the kitchen and bathroom work.

I'm glad they aren't doing it until then, because my little-big brother (Carl) is coming for a visit. Well, he's staying up with Mam and Dad, but still. Carl and Rachel are meant to be arriving with my parents some time on July 30th, and they're staying until August 9th. And the reason I'm glad the kitchen and bathroom work aren't being started until the 9th, is that on July 31st a roleplaying session is behing held here with Kelly as GM, and with Dad, Carl, me and any of the guys from the club who want to join in as players. Then there's an all day figure gaming event happening on August 1st. Then there's another roleplaying session on August 7th. Followed by normal club happening again on August 8th. Now, the all day gaming session and club day wouldn't be an issue. For one thing they don't happen here, for another, they happen on Sundays, and most places don't work on Sundays here. But the Saturday sessions here could have been real chaos if the bathroom work was being done when the guys are due for roleplaying. Especially since if the work was being done, we couldn't change location, because Kelly and I would need to be here, and we can't be here and not be here at the same time. It just doesn't work. Despite what my Nan thinks. I mean, she was absolutely convinced I was somehow managing to go to club and go to the beach with my Mam at the same time. She wasn't sure how I was pulling it off, but she was convinced it would happen. Anyway, I'm getting off topic.

For the heating guys all we have to pack up is my ornaments that are on the mantlepiece above the fire. And we have to make sure nothing is stopping them getting to any of the radiators in all the rooms. Well, nothing is, so that's OK. By the weekend I'll be able to put my ornaments back, so at least I wont have to pack them up for long.

I don't know exactly what will need to be moved for the electricians. I'll let them tell me when they show up. As a general rule the wall sockets are easily accessable though, so not much should need moving or packing up for them to do whatever it is they've got to do.

But, for the kitchen and bathroom it means packing every item in the room up, and actually removing it from the room. They'll move big items (like my fridge and washing machine)... Thankfully! But we have to pack up all the plates, cups, cutlery, food items that go in the cupboards (which means Kero and Gwydion's food stuff needs to be put in a box in another room or something while the work is being done) and any other small items in the kitchen. Including small appliances (kettle, toaster, etc). It also means packing up all the stuff from the bathroom... Spare toilet roll, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste... The lot of it. We'll have to pack up what we can the Friday before, or early on the Saturday morning, because of the roleplaying and club sessions on the Saturday and Sunday before the Monday they're coming. After all, we don't usually get home from club until late, and if the time they're coming next week is anything to go by, they'll be here really early. That means if we plan on having any sleep we need to make sure only essential items aren't packed. Or, everything is packed, but essential items are easy to get at to use from Saturday night to whenever they finish the job.

And I only just got done unpacking properly too!

OK, not really, but it feels like it.


I wish the weather would make up its mind. The garden needs mowing, but as soon as Kelly goes to do it, it rains. It's like there's a plot to stop him mowing it. Mind you, I'm not entirely sure he minds. I do though, because it really, really needs to be done!

That's the only reason the rain bothers me... Because I want the garden to be sorted out, and using an electric lawnmower and strimmer in the rain is so not a good plan!


There was another carnival type thing last Saturday. I say "carnival type thing" because it wasn't an actual carnival. It was the "Big Day Out 2010" event. A Mardi Gras style street carnival type of thing, basically. Anyway, I didn't go to it. Nobody else seemed enthusiastic about the idea, and I couldn't take myself. Kelly might have taken me up to the main road to get photos of the parade, but it was raining, and he wont go anywhere he doesn't "have to" in the rain. And because he's gotten in the habit of not going out if it's wet, when he does go he ends up sick. And I hate him when he's sick! Otherwise I'd have dragged him out of the house to take me despite the fact it was raining.

Technically I can walk up to the main road on my own. I do know the route perfectly, and have walked it with people many times. But I'm not ready to do the walk on my own. I did walk a little way with Kero, but not even the lure of the parade could give me the confidence to walk up to the main road without another human with me. I did go further than I've gone on my own before, but not close enough to have any chance of getting parade photos.

I used to do the walk no problem before I actually had my eye out. But since I had that operation I lost the confidence to try. There are too many monsters. That's why I took Kero. I was hoping the lure of heading in the direction of town would have him excitedly pulling in that direction, distracting me from monsterish thoughts. Only, I started getting a bit anxious once we got out of my comfort zone, and I guess he was feeding off it, because he started whimpering and pulled in the direction of home instead.


When Carl comes for his visit there's going to be a buffet on the all day gaming session. I'm taking tuck with me though. Because it's all day, I'm packing a lunch, and I'm packing some tea. No, not drink tea. Tea as in evening meal. Although, I might take the stuff to make some herbal tea with me now that I think about it.

Dad and Carl don't see why, because "there will be non-meat items among the things people are bringing," but - as I explained to them - having non-meat items available doesn't mean that I'm going to get a look in at them. Not to mention the risks of people putting the wrong things back in the wrong places, or having sausage covered fingers then touching the non-meat items without washing their hands. Also, some apparently non-meat items aren't. Like cheese. Some cheese contains resin (sp?) which is an animal product. And some things you wouldn't think have meat in them - like marshmallows and pop-tarts - do have meat in them (both those items have beef gellotine in them).

Kelly is taking a few buffet items, since he's sharing the buffet, but -as I said - I'm not.

I haven't decided what to pack for my two tucks though. I'm going to make sure they are both filled with totally different food items, because it will be more interesting that way.


I had my first game with my own Warmachine figures at club on Sunday. I won. Mind you, it wasn't really a difficult victory. My aponent was playing the same army, so I knew what they could and couldn't do, despite him owning the figures longer I know the rules a bit better, and he was having lousy luck with the dice. It was also made easier by the fact that when he saw he was getting a beating he decided to run away and allow me to be automatically declared winner. Mind you, in his defence, by thattime he just had his caster (leader) and had lost all his jacks (robot soldiers controlled mentally by the caster), where as I had three of my four jacks left as well as my caster, which basically meant it was going to be very unlikely that I would do anything other than win the game.

I hope I do that well when I play Carl in a couple of weeks. I doubt I will though, because Carl has been playing for a couple of years, where as I've only played two games. I'm going to try though. And if I lose? *Shrugs* Well, it's just a game!


I've got a whole load of movie reviews, some book reviews, and other stuff saved in "draft" so I'm going to set some of those posts up for the days the council people will be doing work here, since I'm not sure how much - if at all - I'll get online on those days.

There is one movie I wont be providing a proper review for. And the reason is quite simply that I have no idea what the movie was called. It was about a rich girl who runs away, and a poor boy who finds out about some treasure meant to be buried locally, and he wants to find it so as to save his home and the buisnesses in the area. And they both end up looking for it, while two guys - who want the treasure for their own selfish reasons - are chasing them. I missed the first few minutes, and Kelly was sleeping, so I couldn't have him look. That's why I have no idea what the movie was called. It was good though.


I've been sleeping OK lately, but I'm still feeling a bit run down at the moment. I don't know what it is. I've just been feeling really drained of energy the past few days.

Ah, well, life goes on! :)


I think this post is probably long enough. I hope you managed to stick around to read it all. ;)


AliceKay said...

I stuck around and read it all. :)

I hope the workers don't make a mess for you. Sounds like some major work will be going on for awhile.

Have fun with your gaming clubs and your visits with Carl.

And I hope the monsters will eventually leave your mind so you can walk freely when you would like to walk and go where you would like to go. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

If I recall correctly, its been awhile since Rachael has been around for a visit! I hope you all have a good time.

And with the way time is flying these days (the Earth is spinning like a top out of control!) it will be here and all the work will be over before you know it!

Toriz said...

Thanks, and I hope so too!

Yeah, Carl and Rachel's last visit was over Christmas and the new year, I think. I don't tend to do all that much with Rachel mind you. Mam spends a lot of time with her though, because they both like the same things... Girly things like shopping... Where as I don't. So I tend to spend mmore time with Carl.

Rita said...

Oh, won't it be nice when all the work is done! And the time will pass by quicker than you think. I'm sure it will feel like a very long well when they are working on the kitchen and bathroom, but it will be great when it is done. Are you going to stay there or somewhere else? Sounds like you guys will save on utility bills, too. Nice! :)

I haven't known you long, so I never knew you had an eye removed or when you became blind or how/why--but I think you are brave and courageous--inspirational! :):)

Have a great time gaming and visiting. And I hope all the remodeling goes quickly and is done well. Stay cool and dry. ;)

Toriz said...

We're staying here. Not much is being done in our bedroom anyway. Besides, I don't really like the idea of leaving the guys in my home alone with all my stuff in it. My Mam did offer for us to go stay up there (or for just Kero and I too) but I said I didn't see any reason why we needed to.

I lost my sight to congenital glaucoma. I had my first eye out just before I turned 16, the other one out 2 years ago (when I was 23). I beat the predictions... I was meant to be blind by the time I reached 16, but made it to just before my 23rd birthday. I had my eyes out because once the sight went in them and nothing could be done to bring it back, the amount of pain I was in just wasn't worth it. It got to the point where I could tell the difference between light and dark, but that's it, and any light at all had me in serious pain, and decided enough was enough.

Rita said...

I'd rather stay there, too. I wouldn't like to leave people in my home, either. ;)

Thanks for telling me what happened. I appreciate it. I hope that you don't have any more pain at all now. Keep smiling, lady!! :):)

Toriz said...

No problem. Most of it is among the posts on my blog, but you'd have to read back a good way to see it, and I know you're pretty new to my blog. :)

I don't get any more pain anywhere near my eyes (unless you count the odd headache, but everyone gets those) but I do have trouble with one of my legs from old injuries. That only crops up from time to time though, so I don't worry about that, and I just get on with stuff and try and ignore it.