Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sunshine in the garden

I just thought I'd share some photos taken in my garden at the start of June.

I think this bird is a Grosbeak.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! :)


Intense Guy said...

The sky is so blue and the clouds puffy brilliant white. And whatever the tall white flower is out past the shed with it's bright red doors, its in full bloom.

The "wall" of trees must bring a pocket of stillness to the garden - the birds really enjoy it and the feeders!

I hope you are getting out there on your swing and enjoying it with your "boys".

AliceKay said...

Keep 'em coming. I like pics. :)

I was noticing the big white flowers too. Almost looks like Queen Anne's Lace to me.

I bet you enjoy sitting there listening to the birds and critters around you. I have my window open tonight and can hear some birds outside singing away. :)

Rita said...

Love the sun coming thru the clouds! And the red door! If you find out what the white flowers are, I'd like to know, too. And wondering what kind of bird that is in the grass. What a lovely spot where you live. :):)

Toriz said...

Yes, it does. It's very peaceful sitting out there most of the time. Almost like my own secret garden.

And, yes, I've been getting out there on the swingseat with the boys. Not yesterday though, because it was VERY wet yesterday.

Yes, I do enjoy sitting out there listening to the garden critters. Especially on days when either nobody is up yet, or people around are quite quiet.

Will find out what it is. I'll show the photos to my Dad... He might know, he knows a lot of flowers and stuff.