Thursday, July 15, 2010

New neighbour

I was just heading out for my walk with Kero yesterday when a man came down from upstairs. With all the workmen in and out lately I just ignored him. Then I noticed he had no intention of closing the gate (despite the fact I'd already gone out of it). So, I stopped to ask him to close it. Anyway, to cut a long story short he's the guy who will be moving upstairs, and has promised to do his best to remember to close the gate.

He's about in his 50s, and he seems like a nice guy. We also met his grown up daughter, and know from a comment he made that he has a grandson. There are no pets that I know of, but he obviously likes animals, because he spent most of the time we were talking petting Kero, and asked Kero's name before asking ours.

I was a bit shocked to find someone is already moving in, so I asked if the work was done. He said, "kind of," so I asked him what he meant by that. It seems the council did the repair work they had to do in order to make the place look nice, but not the work they plan on doing on the bathroom, kitchen, etc (same work as they're doing down here). I think it's stupid that they're allowing someone to move in when they're doing the work in a couple of weeks. I suppose they want the rent money? Mind you, that's not as stupid as the other thing he told me. Apparently the new bathtub they put in, and the new flooring they did... It's being removed for the new stuff that's being done next month. So, basically, they did all that work for nothing. Does anyone else think that's a total waste of time, money, effort, and resources? Or is it just me who thinks so?

Another thing that came from my chat with him...

There's a front garden, a back garden, and a side garden on the property. Officially the front is ours, the side and back belong to upstairs (with a small part of the back... The area near the back door where my swingseat and Gwydion's cage are... Belonging to us). Only we had the back, because Eleri seemed to be using the front. And in the past couple of weeks we've been using the front and back. Anyway, we have a bit of fencing that we put up to stop Kero getting around the side and to the front if we let him out the back. It's not proper fencing, just a bit of mesh stuff to make Kero think he can't get through. Anyway, we asked the guy if he wanted us to remove it so he could have his garden back, and he went and looked at the garden. His response was that the bit down the side was more than enough for him, so we should leave that up, and still keep our front garden. He says as long as he has his sheds (which are at the side near his door) and a spot for a little greenhouse (which there's room for beside the sheds) and a spot to sit in on nice days (which he also has with the side garden) he's happy.

We're going to sort the fencing round the front when we can, and if he changes his mind, we'll remove the barrier and give him back his back garden. After all, it is officially his. But, for now, we have both the front and back gardens to enjoy, while he has the side garden.


Intense Guy said...

You got all sorts of gardens and yards now! Hmmm... I wonder if your neighbor just doesn't want to run the mower! LOL!

I hope this neighbor works out - seems like a promising start.

AliceKay said...

I agree with sounds like a promising start with your new neighbor. I hope things work out so everyone is happy and satisfied.

As far as that work being done just so they can rip it back out....that's just plain stupid. :\

I hope you had a good day today.

Toriz said...

Yep, it does sound like a promising start. :)

Yeah, maybe. I wouldn't blame him though. LOL!

Glad it's not just me who thinks so.

Rita said...

Anybody who asks the dog's name before yours can't be all bad--LOL!!

So dumb for them to rip everything out again. Funny how they figure the extra weeks rent money would balance out paying for a tub, etc. Duh! I agree--makes little sense.

I'm glad you get to enjoy both the back and front gardens. He sounds like a nice man. Hope he doesn't change his mind later. Sounds good from the very first meeting. :):)

Toriz said...

I hope he doesn't change his mind too. But if he does, then he does. As long as he can give me time to get the front fencing sorted before he changes his mind. LOL! Where Gwydion's cage is around the back is our bit of the back garden anyway, so he can keep his sheltered area even if the new neighbour does change his mind. And that's what's most important really. Where his cage is he's sheltered from the wind and rain so that with plenty of hay to curl up in he'll be hwarm and dry even in nasty weather. But anywhere else in either garden it would be different. Where he is the shed shields him on one side, the building on another, and the high wooden fence between us and the people downstairs next door on the other. The only bit of his cage not shielded is the side of where his bed is, which is a completely enclosed compartment anyway, so wind can't get in there anyway.