Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Devil (I) (2010 movie)

"In Philadelphia, Detective Bowden is still grieving for his wife and son, killed in a hit-and-run five years ago. When someone jumps from a skyscraper onto a truck, Bowden is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, five strangers are trapped in an elevator in the building where the jumper committed suicide. The communication radio in the elevator is broken but the guards, Lustig and Ramirez, observe the individuals via CCTV as events unfold. Tensions run high among those trapped, so Lustig calls the police and Detective Bowden assumes the case. Without being able to contact the individuals, he tries to work out who they are, but he can only account for four of them. Time is running out for the occupants of the elevator, as Bowden realizes he has to get them out quickly."

(Above taken from here).

If you like this kind of movie - the kind where the only thing you don't know for sure is what order people will die in, and how - then you will really enjoy this movie. If you don't... Well, then I don't think you'll enjoy it.


AliceKay said...

Nope, this doesn't look like something I'd want to watch.

Intense Guy said...

I'd watch just to see Philadelphia in the background.. but it sounds like mostly elevator shots!

Toriz said...

Nope, you probably don't want to be watching it.

Yeah, mostly elevator shots. There are literally only a couple of shots outside the elevator (and even less outside the building itself).