Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poem: The Robin And Jack Frost

The weather's been quite nasty here lately... Rain, hail, strong winds, etc... And this morning we woke to our first proper frost. And when I let Kero out for a pee and discovered the frost I also realised that there was a little Robin singing happily either on top of the shed or somewhere else nearby (it's hard to tell with birds where they are because they throw their voices so well). Anyway it prompted me to write this:


The Robin And Jack Frost

Jack Frost ran his frozen fingers gently over the ground
Covering everything with glittering frost without making a sound
A playful smile played across his blue lips
As he stroked everything in sight with his finger tips
And the little Robin on the roof of the shed
Cleared his little throat, and said
“You’re early this year, the Winter’s not here.”
Jack Frost looked up, and with a nasty sneer
He told the Robin to, “Go away,
I’m having fun… Just let me play!”
So all the Robin could do was sit, and sing
He sang a song of the coming of Spring
As though to remind dear Jack
That despite his efforts the warmth would be back
Jack Frost scowled and turned his head
Away from the Robin, then he said
“Spring will come in the end,
But first comes Winter, my little friend.
And if I choose to come now instead
To freeze the Autumn flowers in their bed
There’s nothing you can do to stop me
For Mother Nature knows, you see!
When I come to play my ice game
It’s because she called me here by name.
So sing your song of Spring and heat,
Meanwhile I’ll turn this rain to sleet.”
And with an icy laugh and a happy bound
Jack Frost sprang up from the glistening ground
Then, with almost no effort at all,
He sprang on top of the garden wall
He somehow leaped on a passing cloud
(From which his playful laughter was loud)
Gently he caressed it’s misty form
Turning the rain in to a hail storm
The Robin flew off to find a dry place
Where – he hoped – Jack wouldn’t show his face
But deep down he knew that Jack would soon follow
(He’d heard about Jack from his friend… The Swallow)
He knew that Winter was on it’s way
Which meant that Jack was free to play
“It’s just a shame,” the Robin sighed,
“That while he’s out we’re stuck inside.
Why Mother Nature set him free
This early is beyond me!”