Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hello all (LBE)

First of all, thanks to everyone for their comments. I have read them all, but just haven't responded since I'm not sure what I can say other than, "Thank you!"

This second operation seems to have drained me more than the first. I think perhaps because I wasn't 100% recovered from the last one. That combined with the fact my hands ended up a bit of a mess from their "attempts" at finding a good vein will explain why it's taken me longer this time to get back on the blogs properly.

Monday afternoon I'll be seeing my specialist, but I don't know if he'll be able to tell this soon whether this has worked or not. I mean, it looked like things were going well last time, after all.

All I know right now is that it's still feeling kinda sore from the op, but that Mam and Kelly say that the bruises are healing up nicely. Also, the "gunk" that is coming from it is a very small amount, and Mam and Kelly say it's still the clear stuff you get from healing wounds - if you know what I mean - so at least it doesn't appear to have any sort of infection in it.

I had to go for a blood test today to check my iron level to see if the doctors feel I should stay on my iron tablets. As if I wasn't having enough needles in me right now! Funny thing is that - since they did the test with me on the tablets - I don't know how they expect to get a proper idea of whether or not I still need the tablets. I know what's going to happen, because it's happened before. They'll say I don't need the tablets, so they'll stop them. Then they'll do a full blood count test for some reason and discover that I'm very anemic and ask why I'm not on iron tablets. LOL! I don't mind in a way though. Since I'm eating more veg and stuff now I should be able to keep my iron level up to a decent level. And if I don't have to have the tablets then - once all this with my eye is over - it'll only be my inhalers that I need to have on prescription regularly, and it would be nice to be free from all the drops, eye ointments and tablets.


I've watched a few movies over the past week or so. The first one I might have already mentioned, but I can't remember. Anyway, the movies are:

"Racing Stripes" - About a Zebra who thinks he's a horse and dreams of being a race horse. Mam, Dad, Kelly and I watched it together... It was really good!

"The Water Horse" - Mentioned recently, but watched again with my Mam and Dad last Friday.

"Driving Lessons" - I know I mentioned this one recently too... The low budget movie starring Rupert Grint. I watched it with my Mam on Saturday... Or was it Friday night? *Shrugs* I dunno! It was one or the other.

"Thunderpants" - Also mentioned recently, and also starring Rupert Grint. But, again watched with Mam on Saturday (definately Saturday for this one).

"Serendipity" - A movie about a man and a woman who meet accidentally and fall in love, but both have partners and aren't sure if they should trust their feelings. So they decide to leave it up to fate to decide. It was a really good movie. Mam and I both enjoyed it.

"Open Season" - An animated movie about a tame bear who's living in the lap of luxury until a moose comes in to his life and he ends up being released back in to the wild three days before hunting season begins. It's a VERY funny movie.

"The Clan Of The Cave Bear" - I know I've seen it before, but not sure if I mentioned it on here. It's based on the first book in Jean M Auel's "Earth's Children" series of books about "Ayla" who's orphaned by an earthquake when she's five years old and taken in by the medicine woman of "The Clan." It's an old movie, but a good one. Wayne wanted to watch it today, which was how I ended up watching it today.

I did start watching an animated movie called "The Batman And Superman Movie" with Kelly and Wayne this afternoon, but I was very tired so went for a nap rather than watch the rest of the movie. The DVD is Kelly's anyway, so I can watch it any time I want.


A few weeks ago I "finally" got around to getting the Harry Potter audio book I was missing from the set. I had them all as print books, but hadn't done much towards getting them on audio until last year. Well, they aren't cheap, so it took me a while to be able to justify paying out that much money on just one item. The one I was missing was book six... "Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince"... And it cost me £40 (that's about US$60 ish). And that was the cheapest I was able to find it (a lot of places wanted £65).


I listened to it pretty much right away. I actually only finished listening to it the night before I went in to hospital. There's a lot of disks in those Harry Potter books. Especially the last few books!

I don't think I need to tell you I enjoyed it... If I do then you're obviously new to my blog and don't know me very well yet. LOL!

When I've finished listening to and reading the books I've got waiting for me to listen to or read I'm going to have a Potter-a-thon and listen to all seven books... One after the other! That's not going to be until some time next year though. LOL!


Wayne and Kelly took Kero for his yearly check-up and booster shot today. I wasn't feeling up to going. Partly from being tired still from the op anyway and partly because I didn't feel like it after going to the doctor earlier.


Kero got a clean bill of health, so that's good. :)


I think that covers everything.

*Sending thoughts and prayers to those in need of them*



ChicagoLady said...

Yes, going in for the second procedure so close to the first one is probably what brought you down. It will take a while, but you'll eventually be feeling like your old self again.

I haven't seen The Water Horse yet, but have seen Serendipity a couple times.

KAYLEE said...

I am sorry you arent doing Well:(

Intense Guy said...

I'm just smiling - it's so nice to see you back!!


Punkn said...

I hope you keep getting better Tori. Two operations back to back like that takes its toll. I haven't seen any of the movies you've mentioned. I'm going to have to take time to see them I guess. I'm also a Harry Potter fan. My grandson and I have had fun reading every one of them together so that we could talk about them.

LadyStyx said...

YAY! She's back!

Sorry to hear ya had to go back in, I hope they got everything sorted out this time.

KAYLEE said...

I am going in for an operation saturday here(sunday were you are) hugs

Kati said...

(((((HUGS))))) I hope you find your energy returning quickly, from here out. And I hope that your eye heals properly this time.

AliceKay said...

It's great to hear you're on the mend. And that's good news on Kero clean bill of health. *hugs*

Tori_z said...

Thanks. :)

I hadn't seen Serenity before. I got the DVD off Mam's friend Kelly when I brought that load of movies off her because it sounded good. It was a good buy, I reckon.

Thanks. :)

Good luck with your op. *hugs*

Thanks. Was good to see you already back from your surgery when I got back. *hugs* :)

Thanks. I wont know for a couple of weeks if this has worked I expect. So I reckon it'll be at least close to Christmas before I'm better completely. And that's if I don't end up back in for another op.

Thanks. *hugs* :)

Tori_z said...

Sorry, didn't see your comment earlier...

Thanks. And I'm sure Kero thinks it's good about his clean bill of health too, 'cause that means that unless something unforseen happens it'll be a year before he has to go back again. :)

LadyStyx said...

The Clan of the Cave Bear movie wasnt nearly as interesting as the books. Jean Auel writes with such precision that those that normally cant picture the events in their heads as they're reading can easily imagine the events as they unfold. Have you considered getting the audios for that series (there's 5 total books)?

Tori_z said...

I've had the Earth's Children Series on audio for a couple of years now. I had a set in print too and gave them to my Mam... That set's one of the few she's sat and read with eagerness. I actually only got the movie because I'd read the books and thought it would be as enjoyable. I agree with you though. It's a good movie, but nowhere near as good as the books.

I actually named a cat after Ayla. She's on "Our Pets' Page"... We ended up not keeping her though, she turned vicious when anywhere near a dog, and since we had Kero that was a bit of a problem. I think Kelly still has the marks on his arms from trying to go near her when Kero was in the doorway of the room they were in. :(