Sunday, January 18, 2009

Award and chit chat (LBE & FD)

Guess what? I got another award from LadyStyx. Thanks Styxie! :)

I've spent some time thinking about it and decided that I'm going to pass it on to Celticspirit, Guineapiglou and MarmiteToasty. :)


My Mam came down to my place yesterday (Saturday) morning and stayed the night while Kelly went up to my parents' place. Most Saturdays there's something going on with my Dad's gaming club, and we decided that this week Kelly would stay up there after club and Mam would stay down here.

Mam came to grab Kelly and drive him up to club then came back (she thought it would save him messing about with busses). And when she got back I was on the rowing machine. I spent about 20 minutes or so on it (it might have been 25, I'm not too sure, because I couldn't remember if it was 10:45 am or 10:50 am I started on it). Anyway, Mam checked the calories for me and I'd burned 321 calories! So if I burned that much in that amount of time, I've got to be burning a good 700 minimum when I go on it while listening to a CD, because I'm on it for at least close to an hour each time. :)

Anyway, Mam and I were going to take the dogs to the park, but it was VERY windy, quite wet, and quite cold, so we changed our minds. And when I say "VERY windy" I'm not kidding! According to the radio the winds were averaging 150 miles an hour (sorry, don't know what that is in any other measurement, so if you don't know miles... *Shrugs*... Then there's not much I can do about it!)

Mam did brave the weather to attempt to take Kero for a walk, but they gave up quickly and Mam said she was glad she decided to take him on her own because it meant they could run back the bit they'd walked before giving up. If I'd gone there would have been no running... I don't run unless it's an emergency, and getting home when it's cold and wet isn't enough of one as far as I'm concerned. I mean, you'll get wet whether you run or walk, so why run when you're going to get wet either way? Besides, I'd have been using my cane, and there's no way I'm running with that thing! That's just asking for trouble!

Speaking of my cane, I've had to order a new one. The tip on this one is almost worn right down. The tips are replaceable, but where I wasn't using it for so long we have a problem. Actually, two problems. The first is that we don't know what kind of atatchment the tip has, but that wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the second problem... The tip's been on for so long (about 12 years or more) that we can't get it to come off. If we could we could check, but since we can't...

Cane tips come off one of two ways. Either there's a hole you can use to put an alan key through to unscrew it, or you pull it a bit and a hook is exposed which is atatched to the elastic that's in the cane (all folding canes have elastic because it's what gives them the ability to fold). But neither way is working. And if we can't remove the tip then we have to get a new cane.

So, Mam measured me (cane's are meant to come up to a certain point on you) and I ordered a new cane. I wouldn't mind, but having to buy a new cane means it cost me £27 (for a cane - which comes with a tip - and a spare tip) instead of the between £3 and £7 it would have cost (depending on the type of tip required).

You can often get them free through a mobility officer, but since I don't have one (nor do I want one) I have to pay for it. My choice is, pay for the cane and only have mobility lessons with family or friends when I want them, or possibly get the cane for free but have to have a mobility lesson at least every couple of weeks with someone who I don't know who will lecture me if I so much as relax my hand a bit while using the cane. Hmmm... I think I'll just pay for the cane! I've had mobility officers before... I have a tendancy to get fed up with them and... Er... Say things that one should refraim from saying to mobility officers. *Whistles innocently*

Moving swiftly on... LOL!

Note to self for future reference: The code the R.N.I.B. uses for the tip the new cane needs is MP26!


Mam and I ended up spending most of the day not doing much due to the weather changing our plans for us. We did, however, get the laundry caught up, clean the kitchen and watch "Open Season" (again).

Also, Play gave me a refund for "Oath Breaker" since it's still out of stock with them and they don't know when they'll get it in stock again, so I went on Borders (UK) and ordered it off of there instead. It should be sent out early next week - possibly tomorrow - so I should have it by the end of the week! :)

I also ordered books three and four in the "Worst Witch" series by Jill Murphy. I have the first two books, and I have book five, but I didn't have the others (there are six). I'd have ordered book six too, but it was out of stock right now. Will get it when it's in stock.

For those interested, the books in the series are:

1. The Worst Witch
2. The Worst Witch Strikes Again
3. A Bad Spell For The Worst Witch
4. The Worst Witch All At Sea
5. The Worst Witch Saves The Day
6. The Worst Witch To The Rescue

I also ordered some tape for my braille labeler, because I'm almost out and will need to be able to label the new audiobooks when they arrive. I put my last role in to label the audiobooks and DVDs we got for Christmas.

So, that was yesterday... As for today...

Despite not going to bed until almost 11:00 pm I was up and wide awake by 4:00 am. I did stay in bed until about 4:30 am hoping to fall asleep again, but was having no luck, so I just got up. I listened to the radio for a bit, then watched "The Hoobs" and "Pokemon" while waiting for my Mam to get up.

When Mam was up we looked through a recipe book I had that I was giving her to see if there were any recipes in it I didn't already have on my recipe page that I'd like to have. The only one we found was Flash In The Pan Bangers, which I added to my recipe page before we started getting ourselves sorted ready to go out.

Not out as in out somewhere like shopping or anything, but out as in up to my parents' place for dinner.

We figured it made sense for Kelly and I to eat up there today since Mam had to drive back to her place for Kelly anyway, so rather than her driving all the way there, all the way back, then all the way home again, then still having to cook dinner for herself, Dad, Nan and Wayne, we figured we'd bundle Kero in the car and have dinner together before Mam brought Kelly, Kero and I home again. She made a turkey roast dinner, and it was very tasty! :)

We came home more or less straight after dinner, and since then I've just been on the blogs.

OK, well... Now you're all caught up with my weekend! So I think that will do for now.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



LadyStyx said...

You're entirely welcome!

Sounds like another really busy day there for you. Congrats on the calorie're doin great. Too bad there wasnt something that would make the counter read the results out loud for you (short of having Kelly check it after every ride). In any case, Im mighty proud of you!

Celticspirit said...

Lovely Award! Thank you so much Tori.

Those books you ordered sound very interesting. I just may have to look them up on

I think it's great that you get along so well with your parents. I've never had that close relationship.

Way to go on the rowing machine! I'm very proud of you. :)

I never realized that using a cane or buying one was so complicated. Thanks for writing about it and enlightening me.

I don't know what time it is there so I don't know if I should say...have a wonderful day or have a wonderful evening.


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

i do like the lay out of your blog tori, and congrats on doing the row boat thing" well dont to you "i am also very proud of you.

and enjoy your new books when they come through.

Guineapiglou said...

Thank you for the award

Tori_z said...

Thanks! :)

Kelly's usually busy when I use the rowing machine or I'd ask him to read it. On Tuesday, for example, he's out shopping while I use it. I've found I do more if he's busy because I just get caught up with listening to my CD and rowing away and it's only when the CD ends that I realise just how long I've been on there. LOL!

You're welcome! :)

The Worst Witch series is available all in one book in print. I believe the book is simply called "The Worst Witch Collection" or something like that.

Thanks (about the rowing machine). :)

Yeah, the cane has to be the right size, the right type (though that one's only aplicable if you have some sight, because the amount of sight determines that one) and has to have the right tip. I never realised it was so expensive before myself to be honest. I got this cane from a mobility officer and it cost me nothing, and since I had a cane and a tip that were just fine I never bothered to look before. I mean, I wasn't using the cane much, so the tip wasn't being worn down, which meant there was no reason to replace it. And, why look in to buying something you don't need? Anyway, glad you enjoyed your lesson on canes. :)

It was evening when you posted. :)

Thanks! :)

You're welcome! :)

Jess said...

Congrats on the award!
There's something very comforting about reading your blog - I really like it. And nice new colours too!

Intense Guy said...

Congrats on the award and on the rowing! You are doing very well and so busy too!

I like how you stuck the cane tip reorder info in your blog - LOL that's the sort of thing I'd do - and when time comes... well, your blog is going to be a safe place for it! LOL - I hope you can find it when you need it!


whimsical brainpan said...

Congratulations on the award!

Sounds like you had a busy and blustery day. Kudos on the workout on the rowing machine!

I found the information on the cane very interesting. I had no idea that the tips were replaceable (when they are not stuck), or that you had to measure for them.

Kaylee said...

congrats emailing you!

Tori_z said...

Thanks all! :)

Well, I'll also have the bit of paper that should come with the order, which I can put with the paperwork we keep so someone can read it for me in future. So I'll have the info in two places.

I'm glad you found it interesting. :)

ChicagoLady said...

I only got the first couple paragraphs read so far...150 mph winds? Really? That's like hurricane force, enough to blow a house over, knock trees down, carry people far far away, lol.

ChicagoLady said...

Good job with the calories, if you keep it up on the rowing machine, you should start to see some pounds come off soon.

Congratulations on your award!

Tori_z said...

No kidding! It caused aome serious damage in some places apparently.

hanks (about the award. :)

That's my hope (about the rowing machine). :)