Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Kero and my train set

Just wanted to share a couple of photos with you that Kelly took for me.

The first was taken late Sunday/early Monday and is of Kero with the Christmas presents we kept aside for when Jayde went home. He's tried them all out and declared them to be to his liking. His favourite things of what you can see in the photo are the reindeer with the rawhide bone and the big candy cane. But I'm not surprised about that. My little man loves his rawhide. There were a couple of other toys (and several other treats) but the toys just never ended up in the photo, and the treats were put out of sight so he didn't try and eat them all now... After all, we do want some of them to last a bit. LOL!

The other photo I want to share is of the wooden train set I had for Christmas. Mam, Dad and I ended up discussing train sets when we were in Tesco one time, and I happened to mention that it wasn't fair that the boys had at least one train set but I didn't. Well, I did have a Hogwarts Express, but I had hardly gotten it out of its box before it got broken and then some stuff of mine got stolen... Anyway, I guess they got the hint because I got this one for Christmas. There are a few other bits to it, but I wasn't playing with them when Kelly took the photo.

I was going to blog about a couple of other things too, but I'm too tired to bother now. I'll post about those tomorrow or something. Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



Kati said...

*Grin* I'm glad to see that Kero thoroughly enjoys his toys. My dogs are gaagaa about their rawhides as well, and can easily clear one away in a couple of hours, when they set their minds to it. (We're talking the BIG rawhides, too!) So, they get one a week. Keeps them from getting too worn out on the novelty.

Your train set is lovely!!!! I have a little farm set somewhere around here that resembles the animals in your train set, but comes with little fences and houses. It was an old toy my parents got for my sisters and I when we were kids. Don't recall where or when they got it, just that I don't recall having it before I was about 8. Now my sisters have moved on, and I've got the set in my bedroom on one of my bookshelves. *grin* Thanks for sharing your lovely little train set with us!!!!

Intense Guy said...

I think Kero really cleaned up on Christmas this year! All those toys might last him until the end of the month at any rate.

Now that you have your train - you need a hogwarts school building and a lake with hagrid in a rowboat to complete the set! :)

The Wife O Riley said...

My dad's dog Kaki can eat a huge rawhide in no time flat. Just when you think that it's going to keep her occupied for a while, she's finished.

Great train, I love train sets.

Punkn said...

Not fair! Kero got more pressies than I did! Such a cute train set. Everyone should have a train set at least once in their life - if they want one, that is.

ChicagoLady said...

Cute train set! I'm glad Kero is enjoying his pressies.

Tori_z said...

Thanks for the comments all. :)

Kero can't devour a big rawhide treat that quickly, but then again he's a fair bit smaller than your dogs. ;)

That farm set sounds awesome. :)

That would be so cool!

He got more than me too! LOL!

And I agree (about the train set).

MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVE the little wooden train set, my lads all had those when younger which Ive kept and its a great success with the nippers, I couldnt ever get rid of it cos each of me lads over the years had added to it.....

LOL@Kero and all those toys......


Tori_z said...

My brother's got one just like it too, and I'm hoping to add to mine as time goes by as well. I'm sure it will be a big hit with my kids in the future. :)

AliceKay said...

I couldn't see these pics yesterday when I checked your blog. My internet was acting up and the pics in the blogs wouldn't load up (the comic in Punkn's blog included).

Kero is one lucky fellow. Cute train set, too. I had an electric race car set when I was a kid.:)