Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bogart treatment (AE&D)

It was a cold and stormy night. The wind was howling like a pack of wolves in mourning, and the sound had atracted The Demon Wolf. He was howling along with the wind, prowling the garden awaiting his chance to get inside. Eventually, he knew, the door would have to be opened. He'd wait all night if he had to.

He'd only been waiting for a few hours when the door finally opened.

The white dog came bounding out of the door, forcing The Demon Wolf to retreat to the far end of the garden. But he knew he'd have a chance to run inside after the white dog... If he was quick. So he prepared himself for the race for the door.

After a few minutes the white dog went back inside. The Demon Wolf seized his chance and began to run towards the door. But just as he was about to cross the threshold... *SLAM*... The door was closed in his face, and he hit the door with a loud *THUD* and with enough force to squash his nose flat against the door.

He slid to the floor in a crumpled heap, where he lay for some time before slinking away to lick his wounds.


And that, ladies and gents, is how to deal with Demon Wolves. LOL!

After I got that image of him having his nose squashed against the door (you know? like on cartoons where their nose gets flattened and later springs back to its normal shape) i laughed so hard I could hardly stand up! LOL!

Carl (my brother) calls it "The Bogart Treatment!"

No, this isn't the same monster I mentioned a couple of weeks back. This is a different one. One that only comes when the wind howls. Wolves themselves I like, but this wolf is different to other wolves. I wont go in to detail though.



Intense Guy said...

*laughs thinking about the wolf going whoooosh into the door*

My folks had a german shepard that was chasing a rabbit once... the rabbit ran under a chain link fence and the dog never saw it, nor did it slow down - so at full stride it crashed into the chain link and the fence bowed back 2-3 feet from the shock and shot the very surprised dog back out the other way like a slingshot!

The dog had a small cut on his ear but was otherwise unhurt... I think his pride was more rattled than anything.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

chuckles to myself thinking of the " squashed nose ", that was very-very good tori.

awe what a shame that the german shepard got slung back " poor thing " bless.

The Wife O Riley said...

Was it an Acme door?

It's amazing how your imagination can work with you and against you.

LadyStyx said...

that's the way to teach that nasty ol wolf!!

Tori_z said...

LOL! Glad the German Shepherd was OK though!

Yeah, imaginations are tricky things. Useful sometimes, but annoying other times. And I have a VERY active imagination, which causes problems quite often.

AliceKay said...

Sounds like you shouldn't have any problems getting rid of the Demon Wolf now. If he enters your thoughts again, just slam the door in his face. *hugs*