Thursday, October 01, 2009

All sorts (LBE & FD)

It's October already! Can you believe it? I don't know who put the world on fast forward, but I wish they'd slow it down a bit! Do you hear me planet controller? Slow this damn planet down already!

OK, while we wait to see if he - or she - is listening up there... Whoever he - or she - might be (if there is anyone up there) I guess I'll tell you what I've been up to lately... Other than craft projects.

Let's see...

I had Mam check the information on my key for the gym yesterday before we left, and apparently I burned 1784 calories throughout September. I think that's pretty good considering the fact I've not been doing my full workout half the time, and I missed a couple of sessions due to that head injury a couple of weeks back. Plus, I've been taking it easy on speeds and such because my knee - the one I tore the tendons on a couple of months back - is still a bit iffy. If I don't try and up the levels on anything the knee's not too bad, but as soon as I try and do a higher level on anything it starts to really hurt. It'll get better with time though. And getting weight off will probably help it a bit too... OK, probably a lot, actually!


We didn't go for an outing last Thursday, because almost everyone was ill to some extent. Mam was still functioning semi-normally - though she was sick - but Dad, Kelly and Nan were really not well. We'd planned to go for a sort of woodland walk thing near here, but since it's not Mam's idea of fun, and Dad was too sick to even want to spend much time on his PC - which is, for the benifit of anyone who doesn't know my Dad, VERY sick - so wasn't up to going anywhere, we cancelled. Instead, Mam and I went to see a movie Friday night after dropping Kero back off at home. Yep, we went straight from the vets. We had to, because we had to go Friday... Audio description wasn't available on Thursday's showing, and we didn't think we'd be able to make it to see the film over the weekend. Audio description only seems to be available Friday to Monday on many of the films. Not sure why that is. Perhaps they only have the equipment set up for certain screens, and need to thoroughly clean the ones it's on between Tuesday and Thursday? *Shrugs*

Anyway, we went to see "Julie and Julia" which - for anyone who doesn't know - tells the story of someone named Julie who starts a cooking challenge - which she blogs about - using Julia Child's recipes, while at the same time telling Julia Child's story. It wasn't too bad of a movie. Several funny bits... But not as good as it looked like it was going to be. Still, we did enjoy the movie, and - at the end of the day - that's what matters really... That's the whole point of going on any outing - be it a walk, a trip to an amusement park, or a trip out to see a movie!

Besides, you'll never guess what happened!

Remember I said the whole point of us going Friday was to have audio description? Well, the first set of headphones they gave me didn't work. The second set had no batteries in it. And the third set worked... But only on one side. So, by way of an appology, we got two free passes to see any movie we want, at any time we want. And since I have a pass that gets a carer in free when I get a ticket... That means we get to see two movies for free. And the manager himself was waiting outside for us when the movie finished to give them to us. His reason for giving them to us and not just giving a verbal appology? Because it was totally their fault - since they're meant to check the headphones are working - and we didn't yell at them.

There's been no outing today either, because Mam and Dad left today to go and spend a few days with Carl and Rachel. They're not back until some time on Tuesday. So, Kero will be happy, because we're not going anywhere without him until Tuesday... And that's only because Kelly has to go and do the shopping (otherwise it would be Wednesday). For those familiar with how I've been spending most of my Monday afternoons the past couple of months... Yes, that does mean I have no mobility lesson this coming Monday. My mobility officer has some sort of training course thingy, and she doesn't know if she'll be back in time. So, I told her to just cancel.

My mobility lessons are going well though. I technically did the walk I've been learning - the one that will get me to town - solo this past Monday. She was only a few paces behind me, but not saying anything... Just sort of following along behind me in case I needed her. I swear everyone knew I'd be doing it and wanted to put me to the ultimate test, because almost everyone seemed to have parked their cars on the pavement. I do sort of understand why... The roads are so narrow here that if they parked on the road no cars could get through... But it doesn't make it any less annoying. That doesn't matter though, because I successfully navigated around them! :)

At this rate I'll be able to walk in to town by myself before this year is out! I may not be, but at least the day when I can is actually starting to seem not quite so far off. I mean, I know I did the walk before my op last year, but I still had light perception before my op, and light perception really is a big help... It's so much harder to navigate around obsticles without light perception!

Anyway... Speaking of town...

I went to the library Tuesday to take back the books I had out, and to - I thought - pick up the book Iggy, Dorkys and a few others recently read for Dorkys' virtual book club thing. They said it would be there before the end of September for me, so I figured September 29th was close enough to the end. It wasn't there. They told me it "should" be getting delivered that afternoon, so to come back the following day. Guess what? It wasn't there! They hadn't had a delivery that week from the other library, and when they checked it was "on its way"... Apparently! They say they'll phone us when it comes in. No phone call today... So much for it being there before the end of the month. *Sigh* I did grab a couple of other books, but that's so not the point! When they say "by the end of the month," the book should be there by the end of the month. It not being there Tuesday... That was fine, there was still another day in September. But it should have been there Wednesday when we went back... Especially after we were told it was on its way Tuesday afternoon. We actually spoke to the head librarian when we went back for it Wednesday... Basically it was a lack of communication. Isn't it always?

Let's see, what else has been going on... Well, there's the usual shopping trips, walks with Kero, house work, and that kind of thing... But Kero tells you about his walks, and you don't want to hear about shopping and housework. And - even if you do - I'm not going to blog about those things. So, let me see... Hmmm...

I spent some time recently playing on Valhalla with Carl. I've not been on that game much. Like I said yesterday, I've mostly been working on crafts. And when I'm on the computer I tend to make catching up on blogs more of a priority than playing games. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the game, but I consider my friends on the blogs to be more important than the game. Despite this, however, I do have four characters. OK, so they're not very high levels - especially compared to Carl's characters, who are levels 127, 41, 40, 4 and 3 (or were last time I checked) - but considering the amount of time I've spent playing they're decent levels. Or, I think so.

Lunamyst - my first character, who is a halfling conjurer/sorcerer/fighter - is level 25.

Keroberous - who is also a halfling, and is a thief/fighter/assassin - is level 7.

Jahiro - who is a gnome, and is a healer/druid/ranger, and who I only created Saturday - is level 3.

Mahegan - another gnome, this time a necromancer/thief/dark knight, also created Saturday - is level 2.

(Saturday was when I was playing the game with Carl, which is how come I ended up making the new characters... To work with him with his low level characters, since his others are too high a level for me to work with him with them).

I'm thinking I'll create something with a Paladin in it... Just so I have all the guilds - or classes, if you prefer, but they call them "guilds" - covered. Just need to decide on a name, a gender - which the name will, of course, influence - a race, and which other two guilds to have with it.

OK, enough of that...

I tried a couple of fruits and vegetables I hadn't tried yet this past week. I tried eggplant, sugar snap peas, mango, passion fruit, and kiwi. I didn't like the mango, or the passion fruit. The rest weren't bad though. Actually, they were quite nice. I don't think I could eat a kiwi too often though. It's like plums and bananas - though, in the case of the banana, for a different reason - I'd have to be in the mood for one to be able to enjoy it, I think.

Before anyone asks... The reason I'd have to be in the mood for a banana to enjoy it isn't to do with its taste. I used to love bananas. And, from time to time, I do enjoy a banana... And I'm quite fond of banana milkshake. The problem is that I've gone off them after all the time I spent being made to have one every day to replace the potassium that my body ended up not getting because of the tablets I had to take to try and control the pressure in my eye at one point. When you're on doctor's orders to eat a banana every day for a good couple of years, you do sort of go off them a bit... Even if they were one of your favourite fruits before.

All this talk of food reminds me... I better start thinking about what I'm going to be doing for the buffet I'm doing for the family on Boxing Dayy. Christmas is only about 12 weeks away, and I need to get anything that tends to be a popular buffet food ahead of time if possible - meaning, if it's something that can be brought ahead of time - otherwise I'll have to rethink. As it is I'm needing to cater for a vegetarian, someone who doesn't eat veg if they can help it, someone who will only eat certain items prepared in certain ways, someone who can't even be in the house when garlic is about, two diabetics, and two other people. That is only nine people... One of the diabetics is the person who will only eat certain things done in certain ways. Mind you, Mam has to cater for the same people Christmas Day for dinner, so I suppose I do at least have the easier task... I can pick a selection of food with at least one thing that works for each person, and that's my job done. Mam has to actually cook a full meal... To feed nine people, each with different likes and requirements for the meal. Actually, it may only end up being eight people. But we wont know until pretty much the last minute whether it's eight or nine people. So we have to plan for nine... Just in case!

OK, well, I think that's about it. I can't think of anything else to say right now. Besides, this is probably long enough. If I think of anything else it can wait for another day, or just get forggotten again. ;)

Enjoy whatever's left of your day... And what's left of your week! :)



Anonymous said...

wow its hard to believe Christmas is only 12 weeks away. I did go look at your blog on Cardiff Castle, thats definitely a history lesson and a half there, I enjoyed it thanks.

Wendyburd1 said...

EVERYONE seems to be sick or getting sick right now,. Maybe even me, my ears are killing me!

Yay for free movies! I hear you should NOT see that Julia movie when you are hungry because of all the food they make. Hey, i am hungry. CRAP!

Tori_z said...

Yep... Christmas is 12 weeks today. I don't even need to count the weeks to know... My brother's birthday is 2 weeks today, mine is exactly 4 weeks later, and my birthday falls exactly six weeks - to the day - before Christmas.

Glad you enjoyed the Cardiff Castle post. :)

We usually take - or buy - something to snack on when we go see a movie, so we were fine. :)

I've - so far - escaped this bout of flu. There's still time for me to get it though... Knowing my luck I'll get a bad bout of flu either right on top of my birthday, or right on top of Christmas... That's what usually happens if I get lucky enough to miss out on the bug while it's going around at the start of flu season. :(

Intense Guy said...

I don't think the planet controller heard ya... Our weather seems to have shifted into winter-mode overnight. Please planet controller, I'm begging ya man, for a little mercy!!

*Hugs* I'm so proud of you and how you are doing with the walking on your own I could just bust!


I bet you will or already have come up with a spiffy name for your new game character.

LadyStyx said...

mm. I LOVE mangos. Then again, I aint tried them fresh...I eat the Dole brand frozen mango chunks. Nice and sweet. I can understand going off something when you HAVE to eat it daily. The taste buds just get burned out on the flavor.

Tori_z said...

You tell him (or her!) ;)

Thanks (about the walks).

Yep, I've got a name for her. She's a dwarf, and her name is Nakota.

Well, you can have my mangos then. ;)