Friday, October 16, 2009

Kero's korner: photos from last week, news from this week

Hi humans.

I thought I would share some photos that were taken last week when Mami, Dadi and I went to visit Willow, Mamgu, Dadci, Nani, and uncle Wayne for the afternoon and evening. Last Thursday... Remember?

First of all, a nice photo of me...

Me having a good sniff in their garden...

And, finally, one of me and Willow together...

So, let me think, what happened this week? Well... Not much happened the rest of Friday, or on Saturday, or on Sunday. But Monday was a bit more interesting. First Mamgu came and fetched something from Mami after we had our morning walk. I think it was one of them talking book things. I thought for a moment Mami was going to go with her to the "library" place they kept on about, but she didn't. Instead, she stayed home with me and we played a game where Mami put stuff in my toy box, and I pulled it back out. I love that game! Mami seemed to find it funny at first, but she got fed up with it quite quickly. She said something about people coming and things needing to be put away before they came, but I didn't see why things should be put away just because people were coming. I did end up letting her put them away though. Partly because I was getting bored of the game, and partly because Mami said she'd take me for another walkies if I let her get stuff done. And I love my walkies! She did take me too... After lunch. And we stopped for Mami to talk to Daisy and Mia's human for a while before we went inside. I didn't see the girls though, because they were indoors. Their human was out doing something to her car, and hadn't brought them out with her. Before we had a chance to get inside, Mamgu and Dadci showed up. I was so excited I forgot I still had my lead on, and nearly pulled Mami over. It's not so much that she's not strong enough to hold me back, but she wasn't expecting it. Oops! Well, I couldn't help it... I was just so pleased that Mamgu had come back, and she'd brought Dadci with her! I absolutely love it when they come for a visit!

Not long after Mamgu and Dadci showed up, that nice human who takes Mami for walkies most Monday afternoons showed up. And she brought someone new with her for me to meet. She said that human was in training. I'm bnot too sure what she was training for, but she was training for something, apparently. Anyway, those two humans took Mamgu and Dadci somewhere, then they took Dadi... From the smells on their clothes, I'm pretty sure they all went to the same place. After that, Mami and Mamgu both went for walkies with those humans, and they were gone for a long time. I was so happy when they finally got back! Although, I was a bit disappointed when the two walkies humans went away almost right after bringing Mami and Mamgu back, and then Mamgu and Dadci left soon after that. I always hate when my visitors leave!


Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal days. On Tuesday Mami and Mamgu went shopping. They were gone a long time, but they usually are. And, on Wednesday, Dadi went to see that "gym" Mami and Dadi have been going to, and then he must have gone up town, because he came back with a treat for me. I should have realised then that they were up to something. But it was only the following morning that I remembered the date, and realised what was to happen that day... Thursday was my grooming appointment! Mami tried to make me think nothing was going on. She got dressed and took me walkies, like she always does, and generally carried on with her normal routine. But I'm not stupid! So, when the groomer knocked on the door, I barked briefly to tell Mami someone was there - the humans rely on me to do that - then made a dash for the bedroom, and was under the bed before Mami was even off her chair properly. Dadi - who I'd thought was sleeping - was just as quick at grabbing my collar and hauling me back out though... Damn! I'll have to go in further next time! As Mami handed my lead to the groomer, the groomer said, "it's not that bad now... You know it isn't!" Ha! Like I'm going to fall for that one! I know what it's like, and I hate it! All that water, that hair drying thing, then being put in a cage until she finally takes me home... How can she say that's not so bad? I bet she'd change her tune pretty quickly if someone did that to her! Not so bad indeed! I'll give her not so bad!

And, if it wasn't bad enough that I had to go to the groomer... Mami wasn't even home when I got back! Dadi was, but not Mami. I looked everywhere for her, I cried for her, but she was nowhere to be found... It took her AGES to get back home... I'd been home for a couple of hours when she finally shoed up! I was so pleased to see her that I nearly wagged my tail off!

OK, well, nothing interesting has happened so far today, so I'll let this do for this week.

Licks and sniffs,


Intense Guy said...

My goodness Kero. You really had a lot to get today! I bet typing a three page blog entry is really rough on the groomer trimed toe nails!

Thanks for the laff... I had to picture you giving the groomer a nice grooming... :)

Deanna said...

Willow looks a little bored with you, Kero. LOl about those toenails.

Celticspirit said...

You sure have been a busy little fella! I bet you looked very nice after going to the groomers.

LadyStyx said...

Gotta love the fur when it's nice and clean.

AliceKay said...

I'm still chuckling over the "Damn!". LOL

You tell 'em, Kero. LOL

Tori_z said...

I don't worry about undoing the groomer's work. I enjoy being muddy. Mami and Dadi aren't so keen on it, but I think white with a spattering of mud is a good colour to be!

Willow was getting fed up because I wouldn't play with her as much as she wanted. She thinks I'm boring because I prefer a leisurely sniff about in the garden to a mad dash around the house.

Licks and sniffs,