Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunshine And Shadows

byKatie Flynn

"Daisy Kildare is poor but her Aunt finds her a position as a companion to her employers' niece, Cynthia. There she meets Jake, the chauffeur's son, and life becomes easier to bear. When Jake goes to university, Daisy means to follow, but war intervenes and she starts work at a factory, and falls in love for the very first time."

(Above text taken from here).

That short synopsis doesn't do the story justice, I think. There's a lot more to the story than Daisy being poor and then falling in love. A crook, a tragic accident, and another accident - not quite as tragic, and due to the war - are also involved. But I've said enough. So, I'll just finish by saying that it was a good book, and that I hope the other Katie Flynn book I got from the library is as good.



Deanna said...

It definitely sounds like a good read. Hope you enjoy the rest as well.

MarmiteToasty said...

Ive not come across Katie Flynn before....... Ive been much into crime thrillers but with the odd romance book thrown in amongst them so that I can dream a little LOL

but, will keep me eyes peeled for this Flynn woman :)


Intense Guy said...

You are really reading up a storm!


Tori_z said...

Yes, it was a good book. And I did enjoy the other one... Review to come on the weekend. :)

I'd heard of her, but not read her books. I'm glad I decided to give her books a try though. :)

I'm a fan of mystery type books too, but then, I enjoy most types of books. Always have done.

Yep... Still got a few to listen to though, and the potato peel pie book is finally available, so I've started that one before continuing with the ones you sent.