Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quiz: What pumpkin face should you carve?

You Should Carve a Classic Pumpkin Face

You are calm, collected, and together. You are good at following rules and instructions.

You tend to celebrate Halloween in the same way every year. You have a routine down that you like.

You look forward to your favorite decorations, candy, and costumes. You might even carve the same pumpkin face each year.

You love the Halloween classics like little kids in costumes, spooky movies, and candy corn. Why mess with a good thing?


Intense Guy said...

From what I know about you, Tori, you could have written this description yourself!

:) I'm not sure about mine!

You Should Carve a Cute Pumpkin Face

You are sweet, considerate, and giving. You put yourself last, but people don't fail to notice your kind heart.

You love Halloween because it gives you an opportunity to make people smile a little.

You tend to embrace the holiday enthusiastically. You stock up with lots of candy and a fun costume.

Some may accuse you of spoiling others with too many treats, but you're cute enough to get away with it!

The Wife O Riley said...

I got "You should carve a funny pumpkin face" I'm not sure I can pull that off, so I might just steal yours.

Anonymous said...

mine said classic pumpkin face, these lil things are fun to do.

Tori_z said...

Glad you're all having fun with the quizzes too. :)

I dunno... I think they got the thing about how generous you are, and how you tend to put yourself after others right.