Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blanket nests and roleplaying

I ended up spending yesterday afternoon curled up in a blanket watching TV, more because I was cold than because I wanted to watch the TV. I don't know what the temperature was, but when it gets to the point where I'm wrapping myself up in blankets and such, then you know it's cold! I'm one of those people who wanders around in bare feet most of the year, rarely puts a jumper on, and sleeps with only a thin blanket. Not to mention, I'm one of those people who will go running out to see the snow in a pair of thin PJs and bare feet. If you saw the photos from our snowman building (on my Mam's blog) you'll have seen me with my jacket open and bare hands playing in the snow. So, as a general rule, when I get to the point where I'm cold and wrapping myself in blankets, everyone else has been adding layers for a while. Sorry for rambling. Anyway, where it's been so cold lately I've been sleeping under the big blanket Kelly uses, and wearing a jumper most of the time. So, yeah, I spent most of the afternoon curled up in a blanket so I didn't feel the cold, and dreading every time I had to crawl out from my nice, warm, comfy nest of blankets.

And after dinner, Dad, Kelly and I did a bit more roleplaying. Dad and Kelly would have been going to their gaming club, but since Dad couldn't even get his car out that wasn't about to happen. So we decided to spend some time roleplaying together again instead.

As for this morning...

So far all I've done is: had breakfast, got washed and dressed, and caught up on blogs and e-mails.

I will do a post on roleplaying soon for those who are interested. But, right now, I have to go fold some laundry. That wont take all that long, but by the time it's done, it will be time to give the dogs their lunchtime treats, and get myself some lunch. I might work on the post later though, then schedule it to go up on either Saturday or Sunday.

So, enjoy your day, stay warm, and stay safe!



Deanna said...

Stay warm Tori.

I'll watch for that post on role playing :)

Intense Guy said...

Somedays its just seems impossible to get and stay warm - Hope you got comfy!

Toriz said...

Thanks both. :)

AliceKay said...

I hope you've warmed up by now. I've been getting cold a lot lately and it's hard to keep warm, but hopefully the deep freeze (this time around) has left us. It was in the low 40s (F) here yesterday.

(i haven't felt much like blogging either)

Toriz said...

Yeah, it's warmed up a bit now, so I'm definately warmed up again. :)

LadyStyx said...

I'm the same way. If you see me sitting and cuddled up in a fleece jacket, you KNOW it's cold out there!