Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Witch Mountain

Escape To Witch Mountain:

"Tia and Tony are two orphaned youngsters with extraordinary powers. Lucas Deranian poses as their uncle in order to get the kids into the clutches of Deranian's megalomanical boss, evil millionaire Aristotle Bolt, who wants to exploit them. Jason, a cynical widower, helps Tia and Tony "escape to witch mountain," while at the same time Tia and Tony help Jason escape the pain of the loss of his wife."

(Above taken from this page).

Return From Witch Mountain:

"In this sequel to "Escape From Witch Mountain," Tia and Tony, teenage sister and brother who possess extraordinary powers, leave their safe refuge on witch mountain for a trip to Los Angeles (their transport ship lands in the Rose Bowl). Tony is kidnapped by the evil Dr. Gannon and his spinster partner Letha and brainwashed into helping Gannon and Letha commit various crimes. It's up to Tia and a gang of truant kids to rescue Tony and prevent a major disaster."

(Above taken from this page).

I have seen the 1995 version of Escape to Witch Mountain, but it was the 1975 version I watched this time. I'm pretty sure I reviewed the 1995 version when I saw it, but it was a few years back, so I can't be 100% sure. Anyway, both versions were fantastic movies. Return To Witch Mountain was good too, but not quite as good as Escape To Witch Mountain. Like I said though, it was still pretty good, and I would quite happily watch it again. :)


Intense Guy said...

I've only seen bits and pieces of one or the other of these movies. Make some popcorn and move over.. I'll watch with ya. :)

Deanna said...

I had forgotten about the Witch Mountain movies. They were really good! I need to rent them and expose my grandkids to good movies rather than some of the other junk they watch.

AliceKay said...

They were great movies. I wouldn't mind seeing them again myself.(i'll pass on the popcorn, tho)

Rita said...

OMGoodness! Movies I've never seen--hehe! ;) Sounds like you had a good time!

Toriz said...

Sure, OK... When are you arriving? ;)

Good plan!

Yeah, that's fine. I expect I can find other snacks for you... I have dried fruit and cookies? If not, there's a shop up the road... :)

So, are they going on your "need to watch" list? ;)

Rita said...

I added both of them. Should get them by August. I have a few lined up I want to see before that. ;)

There's also a new one which isn't even out yet with Dwayne Johnson called Race to Witch Mountain.

Toriz said...

Yeah, I have heard about it. If you get to see it first, then let me know if it's any good. :)