Monday, January 03, 2011

Bits, bobs and babbling

So, that's it then. The holidays are all over for another year. Just a load of, "this is what I did over Christmas," posts to come. Speaking of which... I'll get to mine soon.


I ended up finding a couple of other Christmas movies I hadn't seen before (or hadn't seen for so many years that I know there's no way I've reviewed them on here) so the reviews of those will be coming soon. Along with reviews from other movies I watched recently.


Emma-Jane took two unaided steps on Christmas day! I wasn't there, since I didn't see her Christmas day, but I got told about it afterwards. Looks like our predictions of her walking before she makes it to a year old are probably coming true, since she's 9 months old and already able to walk with help, and take a couple of wobbly steps by herself. She's a very bright little baby, and she knows a lot of words. She now says, "yuck," "ta," and "ta-tas," (as in "goodbye,") on top of all the other words she already said before. Also, she attempted to wipe my Nan's nose for her on Christmas Eve when she was visiting them, which we all think was not just smart, but really cute too! I can't believe how fast she's growing up! It seems like it wasn't long ago she was a tiny little bundle who couldn't even hold her own head up, now the only thing stopping her being up on her feet is the fact her legs aren't quite strong enough for her to do it yet. She's definately putting in the effort, and determined that it wont be long though... Then we'll all be in trouble, since I know she's going to be in to everything!

She wasn't well over Christmas either. Actually, we think it was her I got it from, since we had the same thing and she was just a little ahead of me with symptoms. Poor little thing! Her first Christmas and she's not well for it. Mind you, that didn't stop her trying to walk, nor did it stop her trying to demolish the Christmas tree. LOL! So, I guess she wasn't letting it get her down. Bless her, she was even still smiling while she wasn't well. I wish I could have been smiling while I wasn't feeling well! I'm still not feeling smiley, and I'm a lot better today, but Emma-Jane... She's almost always smiling, and I guess even being really ill doesn't change that. Bless her!


We had a white Christmas, but the rain came Monday evening, so everything turned to ice and slushy stuff. Then it all started melting. By the end of the week it was gone. Never mind though, we had at least close to 2 foot of snow, and I had a white Christmas. That's good enough for me! Besides, when I'm better I'd like to be able to take Kero for his walks again, since I couldn't with all the snow around. I mean, it was hard enough for Kelly to find the path in all that snow, so I'd have had no chance. Not that I'd complain if we got more snow, since I do love snow. But I do miss my walks with Kero... Plus, we could do with them actually coming to get the rubbish, since they couldn't get the truck in here when we had all that snow. Luckily it was the recycling stuff they missed picking up and not the "other" rubbish, because the recyclables don't stink. But it would be nice if all the bags of recyclables that have been on the curb for a couple of weeks now could actually get picked up this week. Especially with how many more of them there are this month with all the rinsed out pop bottles, Christmas present boxes, wrapping paper, and other Christmas related rubbish.


OK, I think that this will do for today. Like I said, I'll do my, "this is what I did over Christmas," post some time soon. Some of you will probably find my post boring. But it's my life, and my blog. And you don't have to read the post if you don't want to.


Aunt of 14 said...

very exciting about the little one trying to walk!

We did have a white Christmas, but it didn't snow. It snowed like 4 days before, and the temperature has been stuck in the 20-30's so none of the snow has melted. yet. Even now. Everything is still white!

Deanna said...

Emma Jane sounds extremely bright. And walking already! That is truly amazing. And how about that sharing thing? You can't say she doesn't share! Even if you'd rather not have what she's sharing.

We got snow for Christmas too. The kids were thrilled. Maybe you and Kero will have some nice walking weather in the coming weeks.

Rita said...

Ahhh! A white Christmas! Well, now back to walking Kero on dry land--hehe! It actually wouldn't be bad having snow around just for Christmas and New Years...maybe December and January. As much as I love snow--we do have an awful lot of it for a long time up here--hehe! But I want my snow for Christmas, that's for sure. :):)

Emma-Jane is growing up so quickly!! Next thing you will all be chasing her about the house. You have to appreciate every day when they are so small because they grow and change so fast. I admire her smiling even when she was sick--hehe! Hope you feel better soon and are able to get some good sleep, Lady. :)

Toriz said...

Yes, it is exciting about her trying to walk. Mind you, we're pleased now... We might be wishing she wasn't walking within a few days of her learning to do it properly. ;)

It didn't actually snow on top of Christmas here either. The last snow we had was a small amount 2 days before. But the ground was covered with snow, so it was a white Christmas.

Yes, she's very bright. And... LOL! Yes, she does share well... Even if we don't really want what she's sharing. ;)

Oh, yes... I'm sure the kids were thrilled to have snow!

Yes, that would work for me. Snow through December and in to January, then no more until the following December. *Nods* Yes, that would work for me!

*Nods* Yes, they change so quickly. Each day brings something different with babies. It's never more than a couple of weeks between my visits with her, but she always seems to have changed so much. I can't wait until I have one of my own and can be there to see all the changes happen, and wont have to miss so much.

AliceKay said...

I had to laugh when I read the last sentence. You are exactly right! LOL

I'm glad you had a white Christmas and you were happy about it. Sounds like a real mess over there...with the melting snow and slush. I hope they get the rubbish picked up soon (if they haven't by this time). I bet you'll enjoy your walking with Kero once it's safe to be out walking again.

Emma-Jane is growing by leaps and bounds. Kids do that so quickly.

You know I'll read your blog posts. It may take me a day or so to catch up because I've been really busy with work and running for appointments and such, but I'll catch up sooner or later. :)

Toriz said...

Yeah, I don't doubt that you'll read my posts. And I completely understand being behind on posts. I haven['t finished catching up on posts myself.

They actually came for the rubbish this week, so they're up to date with it now.

Yes, she's growing up so quickly!

Intense Guy said...

I'm really glad that even if she wasn't feeling all that well, Emma had a good time - I mean if distroying a Christmas tree isn't fun? what is?? :)

I'm glad the recycleables have gone... (and maybe some of them are already back now in re-newed form?)

Toriz said...

True... I mean, the only thing more fun than putting something together is pulling it apart again. Emma-Jane just decided to skip the putting it together part, and leave that up to the adults. ;)