Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Workmen update

Someone did come and have a look at the leak issue yesterday (Monday). They asked us where the water was coming down, looked at the area for a couple of minutes, then went upstairs to have a look at his pipes up there. They were up there maybe 20 or 30 minutes (OK, it might have been a little longer, but not by much) then they came back down to us and said there was no sign of any issue, and we should call again if it happens again. *Sigh* Basically, we need to hope it happens at a time when they can come right away, because then they can see where the water is actually coming from, and "hopefully" actually do something about it. In the meantime... All items that don't "need" to be in that area, and that don't do well with water - like my DAB digital radio, which narrowly missed being soaked - have been removed from that area for their own safety.... And ours!

Oh, and if we didn't have enough water all over the kitchen... The hot water tap that some washing machines need was - when they redid the kitchen - moved from under the sink to behind the washing machine, and given one of those push to turn on instead of twist to turn on type taps. Anyway, guess what happened? The washing machine was pushed back against it closer than we thought, and I guess the vibration of the washing machine as it was working was gradually pushing against the lever of the tap, because the tap got turned on. It happened Sunday evening, and I was still here on my own (Kelly was at the gaming club) and I wasn't sure where the water was coming from, and couldn't move the washing machine on my own to check. So when Kelly came home we had quite a puddle forming on the kitchen floor (despite all the towels I'd put down to try and soak it up). Turns out they hadn't even provided a cap for it to stop it just pouring out if the lever got knocked. So we sorted out a cap for it (with the council's track record we didn't dare wait for them to sort it) and made sure not to push the washing machine right back. Hopefully that will be the end of that issue at least.

Staying on a similar subject...

There's still no sign of the guys coming back to do whatever it was they were doing to the walls (something about removing loose stones and cleaning it to put water proof stuff on it, I think) but some guys finally came to do some roof work. They even came two days in a row! *Looks shocked* Of course, they only worked until about 3:00 pm, and they had a long lunch in the middle there. But I suppose I should be glad that they did at least show up. Hey, it only took them six months to get to the roof work! ;)

Oh, and today the electritians had to come and check all the fuses they put in when they did the electrical work, because they recently found out they'd had a bad batch, so they had to check every fuse from every place they recently did work in to replace any fuses that were from that bad batch. It turned out we didn't have any from that bad batch (apparently they can tell by a serial number on the fuses, or something like that) but I guess it's better to check and be safe. We had no idea until they showed up why they were coming though. We just got a letter at the end of last week telling us they were coming today (unless that wasn't convenient for us, in which case we needed to call them and arrange a time and day for them to come instead).

What's bad is... These have been pretty much the most exciting parts of these past few days! Of course, other things have happened... I've watched a couple more movies (reviews for them have been put in draft, and will come in the not too distant future), I've done some work on Max's blanket, had a couple of walks with Kelly and Kero (can't go on my own right now because of the scaffolding) and, obviously, there's housework, pet playtime and things like that. Not to mention attempts at sleeping (sometimes even successful attempts). Not really very exciting, but there you go.


Aunt of 14 said...

Workmen drive me nuts. It's like they KNOW they don't have to do anything they don't want to, and still be paid for it. At least sometimes here it is like that. I hope alll your repairs get done soon! :)

Rita said...

You'd think they'd be able to see the evidence of the water that came down the wall? How strange!

Sadly, I know what you mean about the long lunch breaks and the leaving early. I doubt we'll see our roofers again till spring. *sigh* Yet we have to look at their equipment taking up so much room in our parking lot. I'm luckier. The actually fixed the leak in my ceiling--whether accidentally or on purpose--hehe! I have to pray it all holds up when all the snow melts in the spring.

I'm so glad you do get out to go on walkies with Kero and Kelly. :) I hope they get done soon and get that scaffolding out of there. And I am glad you are sleeping well sometimes. I hope the good sleep increases for you.

Happy Tuesday! :):)

AliceKay said...

I would be very annoyed with those workmen who needed to "see" proof of where there was a leaking problem. I would think there would be something visible from the leak already. Sounds very annoying to me. Sorry you have to go thru this time and time again.

I've never heard of a tap like that, but you would think they would have warned you not to push the washer back too far or else it would leak water. Sounds like a real mess. We've had a few floods from our washers, too, and they are no fun.

Roofers, electricians...you've had all all sorts of workmen at your place. I hope they finish the roof up soon and get their scaffolding out of the way so you can go outside by yourself without fear of falling or walking into it.

Sleep is good. *hugs*

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

Yeah, you'd think. But apparently not. *Rolling eyes* Personally, I don't think they looked properly.

They don't care, do they? I mean, they don't think about how it might be inconvenient to others, just about how much they get paid.

LOL! Yes, it could have been an accident that they fixed your leaky roof. But, hey, at least they got it done... Well, hopefully! ;)

I hope the good sleep increases too... And that you're managing to get some good sleep as well!

I'm pretty sure there are water marks down the walls from all the water, and I know we still had wet towels under where the water was coming down, so you'd think that would have been a clue. Not to mention that Kelly did point out the exact spot. Like I said above... I don't think they looked properly.

Our taps all have things like that. It's to make things easier for disabled or elderly people or something, because of the type of property this is. The thing is though that the taps where the washing machine pipes connect aren't meant to be like that, because it makes it too easy for them to end up on accidentally. Also - as you said - they should have told us. They put the washing machine back in, and I figured they just hadn't pushed it back properly... Since they didn't say anything about why it wasn't pushed back properly... So I pushed it back properly (not knowing they'd even moved the taps for it to behind it, let alone the way they turned on). We only discovered the location of those taps and the reason they didn't push the machine back properly when Kelly pulled the washing machine out to see what was going on behind there. Stupid workmen!

I agree... Sleep is always good!

Intense Guy said...

Hmm... maybe you could make some excitement... like move the scaffolding away from the building the next time the guys are up there goofing off...


Toriz said...

LOL! You're terrible!