Tuesday, January 18, 2011

100 Greatest Toys - Results

Back at the start of November I posted about a 100 Greatest Toys vote that Channel 4 was doing. The programme mentioning the winning toys was on before Christmas, but I've had so many other things I want to post that I'm only now getting a chance to post the results. Anyway, for those of you who want to know, here are the results:

"How The Toys Were Ranked
In order to get a broad spectrum of opinion on what were the greatest toys ranked 1 - 100 we ran two polls; one was an online vote on the Channel 4 website and we also commissioned an opinion poll carried out by ICM. We added the results of these polls together and it is the results of this amalgamation that can be seen in the programme. The 6 tied placings were decided by a panel of judges.

The Final Results!

1 Lego
2 Monopoly
3 Dungeons and Dragons
4 Wii
5 Nintendo consoles
6 Playstation consoles
7 Scrabble
8 Scalextrix
9 Trivial pursuit
10 Gameboy and other
11 Star wars toys
12 Transformers
13 Microsoft X-Box
14 He-Man & Masters of the
15 Cluedo
16 Meccano
17 Hornby train set
18 Connect 4
19 Airfix
20 Action man
21 Matchbox cars
22 Etch a sketch
23 Teddy bear
24 Rubik cube
25 Atari consoles
26 Play-doh
27 Plasticene
28 Subbuteo
29 Spirograph
30 Risk
31 Roller skates
32 Top trumps
33 Yo-yo
34 Teenage mutant ninja
35 Chemistry Set
36 Twister
37 Pokemon
38 Battleship
39 Hot Wheels
40 Mousetrap game
41 Sylvanian families
42 Fuzzy Felt
43 Jenga
44 Frisbee
45 Pictionary
46 Chopper Bike
47 Barbie
48 Mastermind
49 Yahtzee
50 Playmobil Play people
51 Slinky
52 Operation
53 Super soaker water pistol
54 Tamagotchi
55 Game of life
56 Tonka toys
57 Space hopper
58 My little pony
59 Kerplunk
60 Care bears
61 007 Aston martin
62 Mr Potato head
63 Evel Knievel stunt set
64 Hungry hippos
65 Thunderbirds toys
66 Hula hoop
67 Sindy doll
68 Tiny tears
69 Buckaroo
70 Power Rangers
71 Buzz Lightyear Action
72 TY beanie babies
73 Six million dollar man
74 Furby
75 Escape From Colditz
76 Polly Pocket
77 Simon
78 Cabbage patch kids
79 Weebles
80 Trolls
81 Stylophone
82 Girls world
83 Crossfire
84 Tickle Me Elmo
85 Stretch Armstrong
86 Magna doodle
87 Dr Who Cyberman mask
88 Pop-O-matic Games
89 Clackers
90 Johnny 7 machine gun
91 Beyblades
92 Striker
93 Pippa Doll
94 Peter Powell kites
95 Bratz dolls
96 Major Matt Mason action
97 Ben 10 Action Figures
98 Holly hobbie
99 Teletubbies
100 Raving Bonkers"

(Above taken from this site).


AliceKay said...

Hey, I remember Clackers. LOL

Hard to believe Tickle Me Elmo only ranked 84th. Wow! I thought everyone loved that toy.

Intense Guy said...

Interesting how they threw board games in with toys - and how computer games are so high on the list.

Legos are #1... that makes me smile - I had some - and never really did anything with them.

Etch-a-sketch, Rubik's Cube and Pay-doh! oh yes! :)

I used to work with the guy who's family made the Slinky. They were made local to me.

I think my favorite on the list is Mr. Potato Head.

Psst.. don't worry Spongebob, you'll make the list next time.

What are Clackers???

Rita said...

Clackers are maybe a little more challenging than a Slinky. Two balls on short ropes that you get swinging to smack back and forth--up and down--if I recall correctly.

I noticed that many of the top games are electronics. I don't think board games get their due anymore. Does anybody remember playing Parcheesi? Oh and card games--anybody remember Uno? I can't even remember the rules right now, but played a lot of that when Dagan was young--and Yahtzee.

I really felt old reading this list because I didn't recognize about a quarter or more of the toys. Oh well. What can you expect with somebody who grew up playing hop scotch, jump rope, jacks, marbles, house, store, school, nightclub singers, cowboys & indians, go fish, space ship, old maid, Monopoly, artist, Rummy 500, wild horses, (lots of boys in our neighborhood and we didn't need or have much equipment to play with). We wrote and put on plays--had parades and made floats (red wagons)--tried to dig to China...worries me that kids today don't have to use their imaginations as much. Heck--even my son didn't over 30 years ago when PacMan came out and made a Pong player feel like a preschooler. Nintendo changed the world--hehe! ;)

Toriz said...

Actually, over here Elmo isn't a very popular character. I don't think - with all the little kids I know - that I even know a little one with any Elmo toys.

Personally I don't think computer games should be in the list of "toys," but I didn't make the decissions.

I have a slinky... I think it's a purple one. I've got a Mr Potato head too... Although, tat's technically for when little kids come to visit rather than for my enjoyment (not that I couldn't play for a while if I wanted to). And I still have Lego, and still play with it.

I used to play most of the games you did, so it's not just your age. Computer games were starting to become really popular when I was a child, but we still played games involving imagination, still played outside and came home not caring that we had several less layers of skin on our knees, and several more layers of dirt on us. It's the most recent generation of children who seem to be struggling to play games involving using their imagination rather than just following instructions on screen while sitting there pressing buttons, only stopping to watch their favourite TV show, to go to a friends' house to do the same with company, or because they are forced to for school, or out of pure exhaustion.