Saturday, August 06, 2011

Celebrating Lammas 2011 (FD)

So, for those who have been looking forward to reading it, here is my post about how Lammas went for us this year.

The lion kit didn't work out that well. First the glue with it was all dried up, so we had to use some of the PVA glue I have among the craft stuff I brought recently (good thing I brought that). PVA glue often takes some time to dry though, so we did a bit of it Monday, then continued Tuesday. Things went from bad to worse with the kit though. We followed the instructions to the letter, but when we put one piece in it jammed the mechanism in it, and when we went to pull it back out a vital piece of the mechanism snapped. We aren't 100% certain if it was our fault or not, but with the kit reduced to a pile of scrap timber pieces we were forced to admit defeat when it came to the craft kit. *Sigh*

Our feast and the bread and juice blessing I mentioned we would be doing were much more successful.

We had our sandwiches made with fresh bread, and this yummy apple pie:

And we made sure to set aside a piece of each of our sandwiches, a bit of apple pie, and some of the blueberry tea we had as a drink as an offering to Lugh, and any other Gods or Goddesses who may have been in attendance during our feast:

After the feast and the bread and juice blessing we put our offering outside, and I had just started setting up for doing the ritual for honoring Lugh, which I'd decided to do as a solitary ritual, when my Dad and Carl (my brother) showed up. They stayed for long enough to have a drink with us, have a bit of a chat, and for Dad and Carl to come with me to walk Kero, then they left. While they were here though Dad reported seeing birds helping themselves to our offering already. I told him to grab a photo, but by the time he actually mentioned it to me they'd noticed activity near the back door and flown off. Shame, because my camera was still on the kitchen counter... Maybe a foot away from where Dad was stood watching the birds.

Anyway, Dad also noticed the beginnings of my altar setup for the ritual I was going to be doing, so got curious. I had Kelly take a photo when I was done setting up, so perhaps when you see it you'll understand why he was so confused:

When Dad saw it the brailler (red typewriter type machine), knitting stuff, candle and altar tile were all that were on it (well, other than the cloth itself). He said he could understand the brailler, since that would be what I'd use to write stuff down if I didn't want to use the laptop, and the candle and altar tile... He definately understood those. But the knitting stuff really threw him. He was convinced it was going to be a long ritual and I was going to knit during slow parts or something. LOL! So I explained to him that: 1. It's not a long ritual, and 2. Even if it was, I wouldn't be knitting while doing it. I then went on to explain why I had knitting stuff on my altar. I will do the same for anyone still reading this:

The ritual is all about honoring skills and crafts, and asking for blessings where needed in aspects of them, so I needed items on there to represent my various skills and the crafts that I do. The brailler is my writing tool - as I already mentioned - since, being blind, I can't just use a pen, and the brailler - for those who are interested and don't know - is basically a form of typewriter for the blind, which writes in braille. The knitting (which, if you're interested, is part of the rocket I was knitting for Emma's little brother) is there to, obviously, represent knitting. I later added a reel of cotton and the little plastic needle container that has a needle threader in it for sewing, the scissors I recently brought for use with paper crafts, and the little tub with seporate sections in it for seporating sequins in to, which was there as a representation of card making, but could be another sewing representation too, I guess. I then obviously had the candle, and my altar tile. Plus, there's the plate with an offering just for Lugh in return for him listening to me, etc. And the lot is on a purple cloth, because it's the only altar cloth I have. I would have also added some representation of harvest time or something, but felt the altar was full enough of items. I mean, the brailler is so bulky that it ttook up a huge chunk of the altar (which is why the candle isn't in the centre properly as it should have been), so I think to add anything more would have made it way too crowded. As it was both the brailled out version of the ritual and the candle snuffer ended up being on the kitchen counter behind me since there was no room for them on the altar. I also totally forgot to put something on the altar to represent the things I make out of clay. I'd already done the ritual before I thought about it though, so it was a bit late by then. Funny thing is, I expanded the ritual a bit by also saying the poem I'd written early that morning, and clay creations were mentioned in that. Yet I still forgot to put a representation of clay creations on there. Well, the altar was probably full enough already. :)

So, that was our Lammas/Lughnasadh/First Harvest celebration for 2011.

Next year I'm hoping we're in a position to be making our own fresh bread, and also that we have a more successful attempt at doing some kind of craft kit or project together!


Rita said...

Sorry the kit was a bust! :( But everything else went very nicely. Even birds to partake of the gift left outside. You'll know more next year. The more you do the rituals every year the more you'll remember everything more easily, too.

And Kero even got a walk with your dad and brother, too! Nice day--except for the kit. :)

Toriz said...

*Nods* Yes, a nice day - apart from the kit! :)

And, yes... We'll get better at things as we get more in the habit of doing them on a regular basis again, and also as we get more used to doing them together.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your glue mishap. Interesting read on the ritual though how sweet to bless the crafters, I enjoyed the post and I'm glad things went well for everyone, and food sure looked yummy too!!

Toriz said...

It wasn't exactly a glue issue... The glue issue didn't help, but the problem was the snapped piece and the chain reaction it caused.

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear about the kit not being up to par. I know you were looking forward to that part of the ritual. Your poem is really nice and fits the ritual very well.

Forgetting things is a part of the aging process. We all get there sooner or later. LOL

Nice Lammas celebration. :)

Toriz said...

Yeah, I was, but it can't be helped. Sometimes things don't go to plan, and sometimes buying a pre-made kit for doing a craft project isn't as good of an idea as you'd think. *Sigh*

LOL! Yeah, but I'd hoped to get there later rather than sooner! ;)

Intense Guy said...

You never know when another Lion might come along... or a dinosaur...

I'm glad you enjoyed all the company on Lammas.

Toriz said...

True! :)