Friday, March 11, 2016

Furkid Friday: a very degu birthday (FD)

Hi humans, rodenty types, and anyone else reading this.

This is Jacob the degu.

My degu brothers and I had one of those birthday things two days ago.

The humans got us a new house for our birthday, since we'd eaten the other one. Well, we hadn't completely eaten it, but we'd eaten enough of it that it didn't keep us as warm and protected as it should on cold nights any more.

Anyway... They were nice and let us have the new one the day before our birthday.

Then they got out the flashy thing and took a couple of photos of us playing in our cage, so you could see us and our new house around our third birthday. So, here are the photos:

We also got extra nibbles on our actual birthday. There are always extra nibbles when we celebrate birthdays around here... It's our favourite thing about those things you humans call birthdays!

Our favourite nibbles are nuts, Cheerios, and dried pasta. We're also quite partial to a treat that's officially for chinchillas, but is fine for us to have, which is a sort of low sugar rodent cookie.

OK, I'm making myself hungry here, so I'm off to find some nibbles... If my brother, Jasper, hasn't eaten them all...

Squeak soon,


Intense Guy said...

That's a fine looking house you have there!

Happy Birthday again - you think you will get another house next year?

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! (both about the house, and about the birthday wishes).

Maybe... Unless we need that Santa Paws to bring us one at Christmas instead. I suppose it depends how much of it we eat.

Squeak soon,

Rita said...

The new house looks great! And you sure have a lot of cushy straw to wander through, too. Happy birthday to you boys! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! We need all that straw with how cold it's been recently.

Squeak soon,