Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - March 23rd 2016

The paperback version of "Zeena And The Mermaid" (the third book in my "Zeena Dragon Fae" series) is now available from CreateSpace and Amazon, and will soon be available from Barnes & Noble too.

(Click on the book title for the CreateSpace link).

I plan to upload the files for "Rhubarb The Red-Nosed Rabbit" on the weekend (which is when the eBook version is officially released). So, all being well, that one won't be too long in becoming available in paperback too... As long as it goes through the review process without any trouble. Other than that, it's just those two we're having issues with the covers for, and one that I'm waiting for one of those before requesting the proof for, because I don't want to make book three of a series available in paperback before book two is available, if you know what I mean.


Writing a book of your own? Never underestimate the power of perseverance. It takes work to achieve your dream of being a published author, but it's achievable, so keep working on that book.

While you're working on it, here are some tips for writing clear dialogue, as well as some on how to subtly boost your dialogue's power with body language.

Also, remember that it's important to write about what you know, as well as who you know. However, as discussed in the post I just linked to, this doesn't actually mean that you can only write about things and people you know. In fact, in the case of the people, it's probably best not to. What it means is that you need to take the time to learn what you don't know before writing about a particular topic or type of person, otherwise your lack of knowledge will show, and it will spoil the reading experience for your readers.

While getting to know the character(s) in your story, you'll want to ask the question, "What's your motivation?" This will help you to get to know your character's reasons for doing what they do, in order to help you to make them more believable as people.

Plus, if your book is a science fiction one, and you're stuck for ideas for naming your planets, check out this planet name generator.


Do you want to publish your book yourself? If so, here are 12 things to consider before you start. Also, if you're going to self-publish, that means deciding which of the four main self-publishing platforms you're going to use. Personally, I use Smashwords for my eBooks, and they distribute to Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and a few others on my behalf. For my paperbacks, on the other hand, I use CreateSpace, who distribute to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and a few others on my behalf. Both platforms also make books available to be ordered by libraries too.

Of course, if you're going to be publishing your work, sooner or later you're going to want to try and sell copies of your book(s). That means you need to build up your author platform and interact with people. If you don't, you'll have nobody to try and sell your books to. Well, unless you're one of those lucky people with so many actual friends and family members lined up to buy your books - and actually doing so when you have them published - that you'll be selling piles of books without even trying. However, even then you may want to sell to other people. Besides, most people aren't that lucky, and need to work to get enough interest in their books to get sales. So, since that's the case, you'll probably want to check out these 11 tips for building a successful writer's platform.

Also... In case you don't know... It appears that, even if you're self-published and use a print on demand service, you need to send your books to The British Library (or your country's equivalent). If you're in the UK, here's how to do it.


Are you on Twitter? Also, are you suffering from Writers' block? If you answered yes to both of those, you may want to follow WritingPrompt.Com. They have an interesting variety of prompts they post... Some of them are bound to spark ideas. If you're not on Twitter, you can still check out their website.

Or, I suppose, if you're really struggling, you could try this online plot generator.

Speaking of story ideas... Will we ever run out of stories to tell? Have we done so already, and just don't realize it? Is a story apocolypse coming? Or, are we already in one now without knowing it? What are your thoughts on the matter?


Jeanie said...

First of all, I love the titles of your books! Exciting to have the next coming!

And second, I'm not sure if you realize that so many of your writer prompts and links translate so well to art and the making of art. So thanks!

Victoria Zigler said...

First of all... Thanks! I try to make the titles of my books interesting so they stand out a little among all the books out there.

Secondly... No, I didn't realize. Well, I did when it came to the ones I've posted in the past about time management, because that applies to just about anything. But, now that you mention it, I see what you mean. So... You're welcome! :)

Intense Guy said...

Perseverance is certainly needed here!


Victoria Zigler said...

It is indeed! Thanks for hanging in there with me. *smiles and hugs*