Monday, May 23, 2016

#Ocean #Photos And #Canine #Memories

The photo above is a photo I've been meaning to share since late February. Like the rest of those in this post, it's one we took of the ocean, but never got around to sharing. In this case, during a sunset near the end of February.

This next one was taken while the sun was setting too, but - unlike the rest of the photos in this post - this one was taken from street level, rather than out of one of our windows. This one is a bit more recent too, since it's from April.

The first sunset photo was taken after a not-so-nice day. The second was taken after a beautiful day.

These next three were taken back in March, during some stormy weather, though not one of our worst storms.

Were he still alive, Kero would have been twelve years old today. He loved outside, and enjoyed when we took him to walk along the beach (as long as we didn't go too near the ocean itself; he didn't like "the big water" - not that he was big on smaller bodies of water either, to be honest). I think he'd have appreciated his birthday being marked with ocean photos... Since he's not around to be in the photos himself. He loved photo shoots, especially if he was in the photos, and I can just picture him walking along the beach, sniffing everything in sight, wagging his tail, and wearing his best doggy grin... Just like he used to do.


Jeanie said...

Those anniversary/birthday days are tough in a way. Bittersweet with lots of good memories. I love the ocean and it's so nice that it's sov very close. I can imagine you and Kero walking the beach!

Rita said...

Kero was a great dog. You'll always remember him. He would have liked beachside walks--as long as you weren't too close. ;)

Victoria Zigler said...

Absolutely! (Both about it being nice the ocean is so close, and birthdays/anniversaries being bitter-sweet).

He did... We were close enough to the ocean in the last place that we took him to walk by the ocean a few times, and he used to enjoy it. We didn't go as often as we would have if we'd been living in this apartment, since there was a steep hill between us and the ocean before, and a park that was closer, so we mainly took him to the park. When we did go to walk by the ocean, he freaked out a bit whenever I wanted to actually go see the water though, so Kelly would have to hold him while I went myself. The whole time, Kero would be acting like I was doing something seriously dangerous, and when I went back to them, he'd greet me as though relieved I'd survived it. LOL!

Intense Guy said...

There is something about the sea air that humans and dogs alike enjoy.

Victoria Zigler said...

*Nods in agreement with Iggy's comment*