Wednesday, May 04, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - May 4th 2016

If you haven't already taken advantage of the discounted prices of the eBook versions of some of my books, you may want to do so now, because there are only a couple of days left: the sale ends this Saturday!

For details of the titles on sale, their Smashwords page links, their sale prices, and the coupon codes you'll need in order to take advantage of those prices, you need to take a look at the post I did two weeks ago.


Did you set yourself a NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) goal for April? Was it a writing goal, or a reading goal? Or, perhaps, you had a reading or writing goal of some other kind? If so, how did you do?

My unofficial writing goal was to write at least four poems during April. I managed to write three.

I've also made good progress with finnishing up "Zeena And The Phoenix" (the fourth "Zeena Dragon Fae" book). I hope to be able to have a release date for it soon. Plus, I've made progress on the other stories I've been working on too, and the story that started life as a piece of flash fiction during my trip to Wales in late February, is pretty close to being finnished. I should be able to have that one ready a month or two after the final Zeena book.

So, April was a pretty good month when it comes to writing, I think.


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Regardless of whether you're writing something by yourself, or planning to co-author, if you plan to have a blind character in your story, you might want to read this post on writing a blind character. Also, if there's anything about blind people that's not answered in this post, which you'd like clarification on, feel free to ask me. I can't promise to have the answers, but I'll answer your questions if I can. Oh, and... For the record... I'm happily married, could have a guide dog but don't have one because I choose not to have one, do as much for myself as I can, can't use echolocation though I wish I could, have learned to read braille and sometimes do use it for non-essential reading (just not very often... In other words, not as much as I would if technology wasn't what it is) and have always hated wearing sunglasses (even when I still had sight and they would have probably helped with my sensativity to light).


Jeanie said...

My friends Nino and Marie (both are blind) also preferred not to have a guide dog. One walk through the house and they seem to have it memorized -- and that's not easy to do in my house (though I do try to clean up the floor and things that might be easy enough to trip on before they come. I trip on them enough I know what they are!)

Very good on three poems. It's been a busy month and you've done a lot!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Yes, April was a very busy month (both with writing, and in general, actually).

I wouldn't say I have the layout of a place memorized with one walk through, but I usually have enough of the gist of the layout that I can find my way from one room to another without too much damage to myself or the contents of said rooms.

Intense Guy said...

I have tried walking in my own house with my eyes shut or in the dark, and after 20 years here, I can barely do it!

I have noted doing it barefoot so I can feel the change in carpets to be vety helpful!

Victoria Zigler said...

I always prefer to be barefoot at home. When it gets really cold I'll put on fluffy socks or slippers most of the time, but sometimes even when it's really cold I'll be barefoot. It's a preference I've had since before I lost my sight, but I do admit it's easier to "see" where I'm going if I have bare feet. Unfortunately, bare feet when I'm out isn't an option.