Friday, February 10, 2017

#Furkid Friday: 7 Facts About My Kero's World #Books

Throughout February, in place of my usual "Furkid Friday" posts, I'll be sharing some facts about certain animal stories my furry family members have inspired. You may already know these facts, but I thought I'd share them, just in case you don't and are interested. I hope you enjoy these posts.

This week it's the turn of my Kero's World series.

1. The series is based on actual events that happened in the life of my own West Highland White Terrier, though they have been slightly fictionalized, as well as being mixed up to form actual stories, rather than just being seporate memories. I still had the dog in question at the time of the original publication of the first six books in the series, though we lost him in August 2014, so he never lived to see his books in physical form, since I was still only doing eBooks at that point.

2. Though his official name was Castellan Keroberous, and Kero was just what we called him a lot of the time, I decided to use only the shortened form of his name for the books, since I figured it would be easier for people to say.

3. The series was only supposed to contain the first six books, but I wrote and published a seventh book as a way of saying, "goodbye," after we had to put him to sleep. It's the book of mine that got from idea to finished product the fastest: the release date of the seventh book in my Kero's World series is a month to the day from the date we lost our beloved dog.

4. The pictures on the front of all seven books in the series are actual photos of Kero, which were taken at various points during his life. As with my "Degu Days Duo" books, the quality of most of them could have been better, but they were the best I had that would fit the story at the time, and I wouldn't change them afterwards.

5. My main motivation for writing the series was because I was taking a blogging break at the time, and I was missing the posts I used to do from Kero's point of view on this blog.

6. The title of the series was inspired by the title Iggy gave a video he made for me a couple of years before. The video was a slideshow of photos of Kero, along with Gwydion (the guinea pig we had at the time) with a short snippet of Kero barking and Gwydion squeaking playing on a loop as it cycled through the images. It seemed right for the series, since I was doing something similar with memories to what Iggy had done with photos and audio clips.

7. "Kero Crosses The Rainbow Bridge" - the seventh book - has sold more copies than any other book in the series to date. It's also the only book in the series my hubby has read.


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Jeanie said...

I'm so glad to read more about Kero. I know he was your special guy and you loved him so very much. I'm glad you've been able to share him with your writing.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Yes, Kero was really special. He's involved in my writing in other ways too. Perhaps I'll do a post about that some time in the near future...

Intense Guy said...

Hugs. I have read all the Kero books. He was a special guy. Much missed by all that met him.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! *Hugs*

Yes, he was a special little guy, and I miss him terribly.