Sunday, May 21, 2017

A #Dog Themed Announcement

The title sort of gives it away, but I'll say it anyway: We're getting a puppy!

I'm not sure how we came to start discussing the idea of getting another dog - though I'd wanted another dog for some time when we finally ended up discussing it - but we decided back in November that we wanted another dog. But first we needed to get the work done around here. It's now about as done as it's going to get. I mean, all the stuff is unpacked and organized, and the workmen aren't needing to be in and out of our place all the time. If we wait for there to never be any work to get done, we'll never end up getting a dog though, so we've decided the time is now.

I didn't mention our plans before - though it was one of the things I was thinking about when I said at the start of this year that there were plans for this year that would take up a little more of my time - because I was going to make the announcement as soon as I could give you proper details, and had a date for when we'd be bringing the dog in question home. In a sense, this is what I'm doing now. Although, it's rather closer to the date to bring her home than I expected it to be, since it turned out she became officially mine less than a week before she was ready to leave her Mother and siblings, I'd only spoken to the breeder the day before, and all this was only officially arranged last week (though I've been bringing dog supplies home every so often for months now). But, anyway...

I'm calling her Lilie (pronounced like "Lily" but spelled L-I-L-I-E instead) and she's coming home on Tuesday May 23rd 2017. She's a West Highland White Terrier - like Kero was - and I got to meet and cuddle her this past Tuesday.

Here's a photo of my first cuddle with Lilie:

She appears to be a real cuddler, which is just fine by me! Also, I think she already likes me, since she cuddled with me like that the whole time we were there, and protested to being taken from me when it was time for us to leave. Actually, if I could have done so, I'd have taken her home immediately, but she was a few days away from reaching eight weeks at that point, so it wouldn't have been right to do so.

Anyway, I also briefly cuddled her brother (she has a sister too, but I didn't cuddle her) and met her Mother. The Mama dog (Dixie) is a sweetheart, and the woman we met with when we went to see the pups last week seems to be a very nice woman, who clearly loves Dixie, and obviously cares where the pups end up, since she insisted on seeing us interact with the dogs before she would agree to let us have one of the puppies.

Before anyone says anything: Yes. I considered adopting an older dog instead of getting a puppy. In fact, I almost adopted a three year old that was "some kind of terrier" earlier in the year. I also considered getting a different breed. But I ultimately decided I wanted a Westie puppy. So, that's what I'm getting.

Like I said, we're picking Lilie up on Tuesday. Our friends, Lorna and Andy, are generously providing transport to us. They took us to see Lilie last week, and are taking us to bring her home. I'm really grateful to them, since we don't have a car ourselves, and transporting Lilie by train and taxi would have been quite an ordeal for her. Plus, would have meant I'd have needed to miss out on being with her on the journey home, since guiding me while dealing with a most likely scared and confused puppy would have turned the thing in to quite an ordeal for Kelly too (and it wouldn't have been much fun for me either). This way we get a pleasant car ride, and everyone can focus on being relaxed and happy while we bring our new baby home.

When I came home, smelling of dog, I let Mollie and Maizie (chinchillas) and then Joshua (degu) check out my hands. I wasn't too concerned about Joshua, since he's met dogs before, but I wasn't sure how the girls would react. I was right about Joshua; Joshua didn't seem to notice - or care - that my hands smelled differently (I guess he's learned to trust me enough over these past months that just the fact it was my hand was good enough for him). Mollie and Maizie were a bit more interested, and gave my hands a good sniff, but were ultimately more concerned by the fact the hand initially didn't contain food than what I smelled of. I'm hoping they remain as unconcerned when Lilie comes home.

Anyhow, I'll tell you more about Lilie in a couple of weeks, and should have more photos to show you then too. I certainly plan to have more photos, anyway. I've already warned her she's going to have to get used to the camera. *wink*

Oh, by the way... Kelly saw this interesting-looking house on the way to go see Lilie, so made sure to be ready with the camera on the way back to get a photo for me to show it to anyone who may be interested. So, here it is:


Karen said...

Ohhhhh she's so precious!! Lilie is a perfect name for her! The house is pretty cool!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Karen! :)

Jeanie said...

Oh Tori! I am so happy for you -- and she is absolutely adorable. I can see why you wanted another Westie. Kero was so special and while she will be her own dog, you know this breed and that's really important. I've never seen anything so adorable as her cuddle and I can't wait to learn more!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Yes, Kero was a special dog, and gave me a special fondness for Westies I might not otherwise have had. It was always one of the breeds I liked best - hence getting one originally - but has become a firm favourite of mine. No dog - Westie or otherwise - could ever replace Kero, and I wouldn't want them to. But Lilie will fill the hole his passing left in my life, and carve her own place in my heart.

Rita said...

That is so exciting! She's a cutie pie. Growing up my next door neighbors had a west highland white toy terrier, too. They are full of character and, if I remember correctly, don't shed. So happy for you guys!! :) We'll want lots of pictures!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Westies do shed a little, but hardly at all compared to many breeds. Anyway, as I said in the post, I've already warned Lilie she's going to have to get used to the camera. I also warned Kelly he better plan on using it a lot. ;)

Intense Guy said...

Big smiles Welcome home Lilie!!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Iggy!