Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#Writing Wednesday - May 24th 2017

I managed to get "How To Trust Your Human" finished and pre-released via Smashwords during this past week. I do have the files to do the paperback version too, but for some reason I can never get CreateSpace to let me pre-release books, even though I'm told it's meant to be possible (it keeps insisting any date more than 24 hours in the future is invalid). Yes, I could use a different release date, I suppose. But I like having the dates match. At least I have the files ready though, so I can "hopefully" get the paperback version sorted quickly after the release date. The official release date is July 3rd 2017, which not only gives plenty of time for it to be available for pre-order via retailers like Barnes & Noble and iBooks, but also gives me plenty of time to organize all the promotional stuff that goes up around the release date, in between my attempts at sorting other projects while training my new puppy, Lilie. Or, perhaps I should say, "being trained by my new puppy, Lilie." *wink*

As I said, I will, of course, be working on other projects while Lilie and I are training each other, like the adventure story I've been slowly working on all year, for example. I'll talk about those more another time though. In the meantime, here are a couple of writing related links for you. I only have a couple this week, but hope you find them interesting.


"Beta readers: who are they and what do they do?" Whether you're a reader or an author, if you've found yourself asking that question, you should read the post I just linked to.

If you're a writer, don't give up hope that someone will choose you. That post is aimed more at those who plan to take the traditional publishing route, I think. But the message about not giving up hope when your dreams take a long time to be realized is an important one for all writers, not to mention everyone who has a dream that has yet to be realized. Also, here's an important message for those of you who are writing to get rich. Remember: Having lots of money isn't the only way to be rich.


Jeanie said...

Yikes -- that deadline is coming up, but I know you'll be fine!

And Lilie will be so happy in her new home. You must be counting the days!

Victoria Zigler said...

Yep, it's coming up fast, but I've done most of the prep work for it, so it's not so bad.

I was counting the days at the time I put this post together, but she's here now.