Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 2017 #Vegetarian Friendly #Food Themed Thoughts (FD)

Earlier this month, Kelly and I went out for a meal with our friends Lorna and Andy (the friends who took us to see and fetch Lilie) to a nearby pub-style restaurant. It's called "The Crown" and is along the seafront near the old part of town. Anyway, it's a really nice place. The staff is friendly, there are several vegetarian friendly options on the menu, and the food is absolutely delicious. Several places around here now have water bowls near their doors for use for dogs, since dogs are allowed to be with you if you're sitting outside. This place goes one step further though, and is one of the few places around here where dogs are actually allowed inside, so it gets bonus points from me for being so animal friendly. Lorna and Andy said they've been there several times now, and I can see why. I'd certainly be happy to go there again, that's for sure!

We started by sharing some fresh bread, as well as some veggies and twice-baked chips (fries) with things to dip them in... In my case tomato ketchup and a humus dip they make themselves. Then it was on to the main course, which I can't remember the full details of. I know mine involved asparagus, kañiwa (which, if you don't know, is a fine grain that's a relative of quinoa) as well as a couple of other bits of chopped veggie, a slice of freshly toasted bread, and eggs though. Plus I had some more of those twice-baked chips to go with it, because I just couldn't resist. My dessert was churros - which, for the benifit of anyone who doesn't know, is a kind of Mexican dessert that I think sort of tastes similar to a sugary doughnut - with rhubarb compot and custard. Like I said, it was very tasty, and I'd happily go there again.

Meanwhile, at home...

A few weeks ago, I tried out a recipe I'd found for asparagus-mushroom melts. It sounded like a perfect recipe for me, because I love mushrooms, think cheese on toast is great, and was looking for some different ways to use asparagus. Well, it was; it was very tasty, and I really enjoyed it. A little tip though: if you're having it for dinner, rather than just as a lunch, you want to have something else with it, because it's perfect for a light lunch, but I don't really feel it's filling enough to be a dinner on its own. I tried the same mixture in a tortilla wrap (instead of on toast) another day though, and found it to be a little more filling that way. Just something to bear in mind.

The veggie quiche I made recently with asparagus as one of the veggies was plenty filling enough. It contained asparagus, spring onions, and mushrooms. I was really glad I'd made enough to freeze some for another time. Actually, I do that a lot with things like quiche. Mind you, since I'm mainly cooking for one, due to me being the only vegetarian in the house, there are several times when I end up with leftovers to freeze for another time. It's easy to just make the amount you need for one person with some things, but other things are just easier to make in bigger batches. It's no big deal though. In fact, I like having leftovers to freeze, because it means a potential quick meal for me in the future, without me needing to resort to grabbing take-away, which is a good thing for many different reasons.

Another quick recipe I tried recently was this one for loaded avocado quesadillas. It was nice, but I still prefer cheese to avocados. Like I said though, it was nice; it was a nice change, and a good quick meal option.


Sally has recently been sharing some great cook from scratch recipes on her blog, which you might want to check out.

Also, don't forget: you can find more recipes - most of them vegetarian friendly, and some even vegan friendly - on my website's recipe section, as well as in previous "Food Themed Thoughts" posts.


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

Hi Tori
all the recipe's sound really great , and yes i love mushrooms and Avacodo's so the would really appeal to me , hope alls well with Lilie and the other Furbies , tons of love to you all, xxxxxxxx

Victoria Zigler said...

If you try any of the recipes, I hope you enjoy them. Xx

Jeanie said...

Asparagus is one of my favorites so I will be checking these out. They sound very good.

And I love the idea of dogs in restaurants. I saw that all the time in Paris and it was fine for me. Maybe not EVERY restaurant, but for the more cozy/casual, why not?

Victoria Zigler said...

Well, I hope you enjoy any that you try.

I'm with you on the dogs in restaurants. The more formal ones are better dog-free, really, but with the more casual/informal ones I like it when dogs are allowed.

Rita said...

Sounds like a great restaurant all around. I had never heard of kañiwa. Sounds like a place to go back to soon! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

I hadn't either, but Lorna and Andy had, and I was happy to try it. Yes, I'd like to go back there soon... Maybe once Lilie is potty trained enough to be trusted to come with us?