Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catching up on missed birthdays

Happy birthday to everyone who I missed saying happy birthday to. For example:

Our friend, and my honorary sister's fiance, Adrian's birthday was on March 20th.
Dylan (Adrian's son) turned 2 on April 8th.
Mam's friend Jane's Grandaughter, Chelsea, had her birthday on April 9th.
My friend Corrine had her birthday on April 10th.
Our friend Kirstie's son, Lucas, turned 4 on April 12th.
Wifey's daughter, Emerson, also had her birthday on April 12th.
Our friend Jackie had her birthday on April 26th.
On April 27th it was ChicagoLady's birthdayAnd
, Louise (Louise is baby Emma-Jane's Mami) had her birthday on April 27th too.

If I missed your birthday too, then a belated happy birthday to you!



Intense Guy said...

All those birthdays!

And you reminded me about Wife of Riley's Emerson having one...

I can barely keep track of my own, let alone someone elses!

Toriz said...

I write them down... *points out important dates page linked on sidebar* ;)

AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday wishes to everyone mentioned in your post. :)