Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is it working now?

Sorry I haven't been around over the past couple of days. We had an internet issue. Remember I said that the phone and internet got sorted out last Thursday at the flat? Well, we came down here Monday, plugged in the computers, and... Nothing! Our old router is dead. No problem though, they gave us a new one when we signed up, so we decided to just plug that one in... Still nothing! So, I called them up. They claimed it was a wire thing on our end, and they wanted us to unscrew the screws on the box thing where the phone and internet wire plugs in to the wall. I said there was no way we were doing that. Neither of us is qualifyed to do something like that. Besides, it's their job to do stuff like that, not ours. Also, since the phone worked fine, I was sure it was a problem on their end. Especially since, I could find the wireless connection with my laptop - which has a wireless modem, and can use either cable type connections or wireless ones - but couldn't make it access the internet using the connection. Anyway, to cut a long story short, they couldn't send anyone out until today (Thursday) and when they guy came, he immediately said it was their end. Then he went away for a while to do something with their wiring, and by the time he came back the internet was working. I had wondered if the lack of wireless access was something in the settings I'd done wrong, but he said I'd set it up perfectly (both the router and the setup on my laptop) but that if the broadband bit wasn't working their end - which it wasn't, hence lack of internet - then you can't actually use the wireless connection. So, as I said, it was their fault not mine.

Anyway, they sorted the internet out this morning, and I've just spent most of the day getting caught up with the blogs I follow, and catching up on e-mails. I still haven't gotten to Dad's forum yet though, so I better go and do that. I'll catch you up on anything of interest on Saturday, since tomorrow is Kero's post day.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and stay safe! :)


P.S. A post about birthdays I missed, and my craft update - if you can call it that - are below this post, if you're interested in checking them out.


Intense Guy said...

Got to love it... as soon as they got there, "oh the problems at our end".

Sounds like Alice Kay's cable guys are now working in Wales...


I'm glad to see you back on-line and looking forward to what Kero has to say tomorrow about all the moving excitements.

Toriz said...

LOL Iggy. Yeah, sounds like it. ;)

AliceKay said...

I was wondering about you, Tori...hoping everything was going okay for you guys over there.

Iggy is right. It sounds like "my" cable guys are now working in Wales. LOL

Deanna said...

Why does the customer always have to rule everything out before they start looking to see if the problem is theirs? It makes no sense.

Glad to see you back up and running. You sure do a good job at catching up on posts. You amaze me!

We'll have to see what Kero has to say about all these changes!


Toriz said...

Yeah, sorry about that, but I had no way of contacting anyone other than Iggy.

It took me all day to catch up mind. LOL!