Friday, April 23, 2010

Kero's infliction (AED)

This is what Kero has done to himself with pulling his fur out.

One photo is one of his sides, the other is the other side.



Intense Guy said...

Poor Kero. I see that raw skin, especially the second shot and wince.

Hopefully he'll chew on a toy until the move is over and he settles down again (and its nothing more).

MarmiteToasty said...

:( poor Kero, I think that is cos of stress.... out tarantula lost his leg and back hairs through stress and snuffed it the night before last..... RIP Mark Appleyard....

Roll on Monday aye Tori..

*Waving at Iggy*


AliceKay said...

Poor Kero...that looks sore. :(

My mother used to have a peek-a-poo named Suzy and she used to have spots on her hide that looked like that. Takes a while for them to heal if the dog doesn't stop messing with them. Hopefully, they will heal without having to take Kero to the vet. I know how much he hates the vet.

Toriz said...

Can but hope!


Sorry to hear about mark Appleyard. I'm not a fan of those creepy crawly type things, but still... Sorry anyway!
Trust me, I don't like taking him to the vets any more than he likes going. I'm hoping it's just stress, and that he gets over it quickly when we get back to the flat.

Intense Guy said...

*waves to Toasty and gives her a big smile!*

...laffs... never know who you might find in here...